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Stellar Read

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“There's always something eerie about an old house in the middle of nowhere, secluded by dense forest. Growing up I lived next to a forest with an old cabin, and though I would walk, and still walk the same forest, there's always moments where your mind can play tricks on you or you feel a sudden rush of goose bumps thinking someone is watching you….

This entire book held me in that exact mindset as I read. Completely thrilling and exciting. The twists and turns just melded well together throughout the book. I think I will even go on record to say that this is the best book I have read in 2018 thus far."

An Eerie Ghost Story

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“I've always loved the chill of an eerie ghost story, especially if there's a demonic presence involved, and this one certainly hits the mark. The characters are believable, not simply one-dimensional, so you're drawn along with them into the unfolding nightmare. As you travel deeper and deeper into the mystery, the pace quickens like a runaway heartbeat. If you're a fan of the paranormal, this is a read well worth your time”

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"Be prepared to lose yourself in an amazingly descriptive paranormal story... A good, character driven plot... 
There is danger, threats, looming darkness, mystery, and the testing of bonds and friendships as people are forced to accept and view things they never could have imagined."