What readers are saying about River Ford's books

Lil Sis (Amazon Review)

Christmas Magic

I’ll definitely be reading more from this author! Good storyline, and well written for a short story! I like the characters interactions!

J Archibald (Amazon Review)

Landscape Love

It’s wonderful when characters are flawed in realistic ways, but overcome their fears to live and enjoy life! And I love love happy endings!

Nari (Amazon Review)

Chocolate Kisses

I liked that this was a true romance. A true romance has spark but it also has love developed on the characters personalities more than their looks.

About the author

River Ford

River Ford is the romance pen name of Science Fiction writer Charity Bradford. She's always loved the sweet (and sometimes cheesy) Hallmark movies. One day she decided to give it a try and fell in love with the characters she created to live in Eureka Springs, AR. They were so real, with problems she could understand. It didn't hurt that she could drive to the historic town in an hour and immerse herself in all things Eureka Springs.