Want to Train at home? Expert tuition with expert equipment?

Has it always been out of your reach to acquire a professional pilates reformer for home because of - 

The expensive upfront cost? 

The need for regular expert tuition? 

Setting up the equipment correctly? 

Maintaining the equipment? 

Using the reformer safely? 

Motivation to get the most out of the training? 

Ensuring it doesn’t turn into an expensive coffee table?! We’ve seen this happen.

Want to learn how you could have a professional pilates reformer in your home? Train at your own convenience, with expert guide?  Leave your details to find out more.

I have been doing pilates on and off for a few years and I must say I love using the machines. The stretching and exercises with the pulley system feel wonderful and I can’t wait to progress on them.


Expert training from the comfort of your own home.