Are YOU ready for transformation?

I am so excited that you are interested in learning how to raise your vibration at a time where it seems very chaotic in our world. When we can learn how to expand our hearts and allow more light to come into our body, we are transforming the entire world around us.

To download this powerful meditation, right-click and choose the 'download as'. That way, you can install this mediation on any device you have with you. It is my wish to have enough people doing this meditation and connecting around the world that we can erase the 'fear' energy to replace it with the LOVE energy this mediation brings in.

I would like to first introduce you to the dragons that I have asked to assist us all within this meditation. Each magical being has an energy much different from the other and yet, very similar. They are of the higher dimensions and are capable of shifting us beyond this 3rd dimension if we allow it.

Many blessings, Nancy

Introducing the Magical Dragons....

The Fire Dragon is used to burn off what is not for our highest good. They will eliminate the energy from thought forms, emotions ~ basically what doesn't serve us any longer. I love to ask the Fire Dragons to clear my path for the day. With that, I know that I will not come across any energy that is not meant for me.

The Air Dragon is called upon next. The Air Dragon will gift us with the purest of white Light. Being cleared by the Fire Dragon's, I love to ask the Air Dragons to breath white Light to raise my vibration to the highest level I am able to hold at the time. Your entire space will be filled with this high vibration.

The Earth Dragon is called upon to clear the ley lines below us and to assist us in taking our grounding cord deeper into the planet. This is a powerful way to be grounded throughout your day. You can ask that the Earth Dragon go ahead of you during your day to clear anything that will not serve you energetically.

When the violet flame is requested, it is the Gold & Silver Violet Flame Dragon that brings it. This is a transformational flame you can wear as a cloak to protect you throughout your day. The violet flame is capable of transmuting any energy to a new, higher vibration frequency. It is used for protection.

Now that you have been introduced to the Magical Dragons, it is time to download the meditation. You can simply click on the link and it will take you to the meditation or you can right-click & choose 'save linked file as'or 'download linked file as'to your computer.

Begin your journey: FEEL Safe & Protected Meditation

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