The Complete Guide for Foreign Students that want to gain undergraduate experience in the UK

The guide is dedicated to help you find and apply for student vacancies in the United Kingdom, as well as support you during your stay. It was created to provide you with decision-making tools and exercises, as well as all the resources you need to make sure your journey is a success.


The guide will cost less than 20€ and can be purchased easily and safely online.


You can read it anywhere without needing to carry a physical book (great for travelling!)


It contains quizzes and exercises to guide you through decision-making processes.


Filled with templates to help you create what you need without having to do it from scratch.

Real experiences

Written based on real experiences from real students.


The knowledge is applicable to several areas of the veterinary field.

Topics inside the guide

Deciding to visit

Why students want to see practice in the UK, what they gain from it, what is expected of them and what happens with UK graduates.

Important concepts to help you decide what places to visit: first opinion medicine/general practice, second opinions, referrals, ECC, internships, externships, EMS, corporate practices, independent practices, OOH centres.

Finding and applying for vacancies

When to start searching, what vacancies to avoid, search tools for finding vacancies, how to use your network.

Creating applications: approaching practices, CV, cover letters, interview preparation, references.

Support for the temporary move

Financial support: Erasmus grants, budgeting, currency conversion tools.

Finding accommodation, accommodation concepts: short-term, long-term, agencies, private landlords, student accommodation, utilities, council tax.

Health insurance, travel insurance, liability insurance.

Making the best out of the experience: how to actually learn somethingcommonly used abbreviations and acronyms, exploring the country.

Helping you Suceed

At UK VetMove the goal is give you the tools to help you achieve your career objectives and become the veterinary surgeon you want to be.