Why do

this program?

To be informed of ALL your choices.

I bet no educator or professional has suggested Home Schooling to you.


Have you been told your child is not ready for school? 
And told you need a special assessment before putting them in school?

Or you feel in your gut that your child is not ready but they wont let you repeat another year of pre-school or kindy?

Maybe you feel pressure to enrol your child in a school but it doesn't feel like the right choice?

Maybe you tried Pre-school or childcare and it was disastrous.

***Did you know that Home education is a VALID and LEGAL option in every state and territory in Australia?
That you do not have to Always Home school, you can do it for a month, a year or all the way through?***

Sign up and learn the basics of Home Education.
Learn what Home Schooling can  look like.
How to begin Home schooling.
Your Legal requirements.
And the flexible approach to learning and living.
plus more.

Who is this program for?

You are a parent or guardian that was told that separating from your child will build their resilience?
And this doesn't sit well with you.

Maybe Your child is struggling to separate and  you were told your child will "get use to it"

Or you are curious about this whole Home School thing and do not know where to start.


You are Not convinced your child will thrive in Main stream school.

Your child is not ready for the longs days of school.

You are not sure whether you can Home Educate?


Want to know whether you qualify to Home school?

Want to know where to get accurate and concise information?

Have all these questions answered and real usable tools to assist the entire family.

Topics Covered over 6 Sessions.

Having an experienced home educator guide you through the research period of Home schooling is your most valuable resource.

Come join in the 3 week support program to find all the information to become informed of ALL your educational choices.

Investment is $147 for 6 live online sessions. total.

See the 6 topics below that will guide you to become an empowered parent or guardian.

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WEEK 1  - 

7pm Tues 27th June

Topic 1

"Do You qualify to Home School?"

Have you been told that you have to be a teacher to Home School?
That you need specialists to "teach" your child because they have learning challenges?
Or maybe the Allied Health Professional have said that School is the Best place for your child?

Learn your rights.

Get the facts

Become informed.

WEEK 1 - 

7pm Thur 29th June

Topic 2

"Additional Needs & Home Schooling"

Learn about success stories of children building businesses and using Their unique talent to succeed in life.

You do not need specialists to "teach" your child because they have learning challenges.
Learn how to Set up routines and a support network to succeed.

WEEK 2 -   

7pm Tues 4th July

Topic 1

"Dealing with the Family & Friends who doubt your choices."

Many people have NO IDEA what home schooling is.
Including teachers and educators.

They will say things like " but you're not a teacher".
"Your child needs school to build resilience."
"How will the kid get into university?"
"What about socialisation?"
'You cant protect them forever."

Learn some key responses.
Hit the doubters with factual information.
Create a 'Circle of Safety' to support your choices.

WEEK 2- 

7pm Thurs 6th July

Topic 2

"Learn techniques to record your child's learning" .

A key skill to master so you can be confident your child is learning.

Use observations to record learning in real time.
Set up a easy to use system to record your child's education.
Know where to look for curriculum outcomes.

WEEK 3 - 

7pm Tues 11th July

Topic 1

"Create Routine and Flow Before Home School Begins"

Play to your strengths and learn to incorporate the family dynamics into you Home School routine to create flow and rhythm. 

Create an environment for your child to become independent and confident. 

Embrace the alternative lifestyle using main stream techniques.

WEEK 3 - Final Session 7pm Thur 13th July

Topic 2

"Ongoing Confidence on ALL your educational Choices"

Decide school is more suitable?
Be empowered to stand by that choice.
Be your child advocate.

Understand the role of schools, teachers and educators and how they work for you.
Have answers to the nay sayers and empower your children to fully embrace what ever educational choice you make.

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