Your 7 day Mediterranean- Fertility Diet Plan is below! 

The Mediterranean Diet is well documented to be the most supportive for getting and staying pregnant. Here's a 7 day meal planner just for you. Contains recipes, schedule, shopping list and prep guide.  

Featured recipes include:

Overnight bircher muesli 

Start your morning with filling and wholesome breakfasts

Lentil and feta tabbouleh

Colourful legume filled lunches to brighten up your day

Grilled 'bruschetta' chicken

Finish the day with some delicious and easy to prepare hot meals

About Katy

Katy Bradbury is a registered nurse and nutritional therapist whose mission is to improve women's chances of having healthy babies and raising happy children. Her work as a family nurse and health visitor has shown her first- hand the difficulties a child can have if their mother is not supported with the right foundations of nutrition and care. This is especially important during the crucial window of development from conception to age two, often referred to as 'the first thousand days'.

Having experienced her own struggles with fertility, a traumatic birth and bonding issues, Katy knows just how important support during this critical period is. 

Katy uses natural solutions alongside medical knowledge to improve health and reduce the risks that can cause infertility, pregnancy complications and poor child development.

She lives in East London with her husband, cat, dog, and two daughters.

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