Self Love Card Deck

This Self-Love deck of 52 Affirmation Action Cards has been loving created and designed by Karen Humphries. These simple Self-Love Cards are a wonderful way to for you to uplift your spirits through self care affirmations, suggested Self-Love actions, journal prompts, and quotations.

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  • Self-Love ebook (78 pages)
  • Self-Love Journal (13 pages)
  • Self-Love Recording (meditative hypnosis).

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Everyone needs a little affirming Self-Love!! 

This Self-Love deck of 52 Affirmation Cards has been loving created and designed by Karen Humphries. These simple Self-Love Cards are a wonderful way to for you to uplift your spirits through self care affirmations, actions, journal prompts, and quotations.

It's the perfect gift for Mother's day, birthdays and Christmas.

Pulling a card for day enables you to gift yourself a direct message from the Universe.

Journaling your response (to the card you selected) can allow you to gain clear insights and deepen your understandings of your current situation. 

Reciting an affirmation and quotes can also provide you with a simple inspirational message for your day. 

Doing self-love actions activate your heart space.

Saying, singing, chanting, reciting affirmations on a regular basis is a powerful way to keep your thoughts positive and grounded into the present moment. These Self-Love Cards are a great way to keep your affirmations (desired positive state) close by. Having the physical card with you as a beneficial reminder to remain connected to the positivity throughout the day. 

They have been specifically designed to tuck a card in your wallet, or on the bathroom mirror, or even at your work desk. Frequent viewing enables you to re-read your 
Self-Love affirmation throughout the day. The more you affirm the positive attribute, the more you are becoming what you want to achieve - the dream life!

There’s no right or wrong way to use this deck of Self-Love. 

Simply pull a card from the deck as needed. You may wish to create a regular self-love practice like first thing each morning as you sip your cup of coffee.

The benefit of repeating your use of these cards, is that you increase your vibration of Self-Love through repetition. You are actively infusing the power of the words and activities.

While you can use Affirmations + Actions at any time, it can be helpful to play with them when you feel most open. For you this may be upon waking, first thing in the morning. I especially love to pull a card after a walk outside and have watched the sun rise.

You might like to take a few deep breaths before you use them, have your journal ready to explore them deeper, light a candle or anything else that makes you feel extra snug and supported. Any thing the further nurtures you into the intentional practice of self-love.

    Here are some suggestions and ways that I have enjoyed using the cards:

    • Shuffle the cards and choose a new Affirmative Self-Love Action each day – affirmation, journal prompt, activity or quotation.
    • Create a special ritual with your loved ones by choosing one each day together.
    • Put your daily Affirmation on your mirror, fridge or work-desk.
    • Take the deck out to dinner with your friends and use it as a powerful conversation starter!
    • Take a photo of the Affirmation and use it as your phone wallpaper.
    • Become curious. Be on the lookout for small moments during the day that confirm the Affirmations, Actions and Journal entries. It could be as simple as a hug from a friend, a meal you are grateful for, an inspiring conversation, even a walk in nature.
    • Make the Self Love Card your theme for your day and consciously look for ways to take action to re-affirm it over and over.
    • Most importantly, use Affirmation Cards in whatever way feels inspiring for you! Tune in each day as your needs change and evolve.

    Here are some ways you may choose to utilise the journal:

    • Answer the Journal prompts to explore more about how you can love yourself and how you can take action.
    • Write down the first thing that comes to mind when you pull a card
    • Pull a card in the morning, journal at lunchtime and listen to the audio as you go to sleep.

    Try using the audio like this:

    • Listen first thing in the morning to set the frequency for your day ahead
    • Play it to put some pep back in your step throughout the day
    • Play it at the end of the day to re-affirm and go to sleep connected to that vital part of you called 'Self Love'!

    I wonder how much self love you can invite into your life using all three resources?

    Remember Self-Love should fun, hence this bundle has been created with that in mind. Every activity has been designed for immediate and easy implementation! 

    Affirming Self-Love in your life becomes most powerful when you loosen your grip on needing control, and can approach your practice with an open heart (and mind).

    If you are struggling with a negative thought or particular area in your life, comment below and I will reply with a suggested card for you!

    Remember as always you can choose to change and bloom from within.

    Cheers for change, Kaz

    I understand that this special priced bundle of Self-Love will expire soon, and that each of the items - Self-Love Card deck, Self Love Ebook, and Self-Love Recording - can be purchased individually until stocks last.