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Our mission: 

The National Academy for Social Prescribing has a simple ambition: we want people to live the best life they can.

We want social prescribing to thrive – a vibrant, innovative and ambitious movement, mobilising hundreds of thousands of people and organisations with a shared commitment to transforming lives.         

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If you are part of Cohort 1, don't worry there are still plenty of opportunities available to get stuck in to! Webinars; Calendar invites for reflect, learn, take action groups and much more. To watch the Welcome session please click here.

What's coming up next?

Webinar on Movement Matters by physical activity leads

What is happening across the East and West Midlands regarding Physical activity and why movement matters for our health and wellbeing. Hear from four guest speakers and get to speak with them in smaller break out rooms.

The webinar will cover:

  • What support there is for you as community providers, to embed movement within your community health and wellbeing activities
  • Hear good practice examples within the Midlands and what you can do to support people to move for staying well
  • How to connect your physical activity with in Social Prescribing

Monday 24th January

12:00pm - 13:30pm

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Networking Event
Come and network with voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise groups and other professionals interested in Social Prescribing. Network with regional lead from Heritage England, as well as those across the region. This event will use Airmeet a particularly useful tool for networking online, register here

Monday 31st January 

12:00 pm -1:30 pm

Want to connect better with your NHS partners, even beyond Social Prescribing, about all things health and care?

Join the NHS Futures platform by emailing NHS: england.voluntarypartnerships@nhs.net

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Charities Excellence Framework

Relevant to all not for profit organisations.

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Midlands Physical Activity Social Prescribing Coordinator Charlotte Leonhardsen

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