Podcast Ambassador Program

I'm so excited you're here and considering being a part of my podcast launch, so I want to start by saying thank you!


Deadline to join



I've made this super easy peasy and it won't take very much of your time to be an ambassador. 

Here's what I'm asking from my ambassadors:

  • First pray for me to have wisdom and that the podcast is heard by those that need encouragement.
  • Subscribe to my podcast. (its not live yet) but will go live, then you'll subscribe and share)
  • Leave a review on itunes.
  • Share the podcast on your social media

The way I'll know that you did these things is by you taking a screenshot and/or tagging me. ;)

Remember >>The deadline to join is March 9 at Midnight<<

What you’ll receive in return:

2 -45 minute private coaching calls with me, a value of $250. 

We'll put together a strategy that feels good, helps you reach your goals and stops you from  getting stuck in behaviors that dont deliver results.