How often do you think: "If I get__________ I will feel good about myself?" or
"I don't feel worthy because___________________."

Truth be told,  you will be happy only when you start living your truth. Your worth has nothing to do with any outside circumstances. Your inner voice is saying that you are not worthy of what you desire and that you need to change. The problem is that you listen to it. That voice has its origin. It is not your voice.

Do you feel like you need to fight or earn love, abundance, or fulfillment? Let me tell you something. It can all be given to you. You deserve it all just by existing.

  You already have qualities that can bring you everything you desire. You don't have to be perfect, you are enough.

Disclaimer: It is participant's responsibility to follow his/her own needs and to take care of his/her body at all times.
The facilitator can take no responsibility for an injury you sustain as a result of you participating in this program. This program requires physical movement. In case there is any kind of restriction for your body you will take care of it and adjust any exercise to your own needs and abilities.
Participation in this progran is no substitute for any medical treatments or therapy.