What readers are saying about this book

J.B. Richards

Author & Founder of HIBRP Reviews

"...an unforgettable story that can easily be consumed and enjoyed in one sitting"

Alan Vandervoort


"Be prepared for a page-turning, edge-of-your seat reading experience!"

Kameo Monson


"Be sure to take a big breath before you start reading, because it will be taken away."

About the author

Tabi Slick

Award-winning author of paranormal and historical fantasy. Her younger years were spent living in the countryside of Oklahoma until she started her college studies in Puerto Rico. After several years abroad, she finally settled down in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas.
With a background in Linguistics, she’s often found either researching or with her nose stuck in a book. She’s not only the wife of a systems engineer, and mother to a beautiful German Shepherd and Rhodesian Ridgeback pup, but she’s also a blogger and book ninja.