The big DILEMMA for menopausal and perimenopausal women!

  • It’s a critical time for us to exercise for bone strength and health, BUT…
  • Exercise increases pressure inside the abdomen which is a major contributor to pelvic floor dysfunction AND…
  • Declining oestrogen levels during this time can affect our pelvic floors and leave us vulnerable to problems like incontinence and prolapse

What on earth can we do about this DILEMMA?

With this informative video series, you’ll learn:

  • That it is possible for us to exercise while taking care of our pelvic floor
  • How we can work with intra-abdominal pressure changes during exercise
  • Six easy strategies that will take the pressure down!

How does it work?

    • Simply complete the form below to start learning 6 strategies that will reduce the pressure on your pelvic floor during exercise.
    • Every day for the next 6 days you'll receive an email from me with a video of each strategy.
    • You'll learn the strategies one at a time to build your knowledge and skills each day.
    • On day 7 I'll send an e-booklet with the 6 ways to take the pressure down collated – you’ll always have the info at your fingertips when you need it.
    • What you'll learn will help you care for your pelvic floor while you exercise, now and forever.
    • You'll feel confident to keep up your physical activity – which is absolutely vital – through perimenopause and beyond!

What you will learn... 

Six strategies – straight to your inbox – that are easy to learn and incorporate into your exercise routines.

How posture and breathing are the cornerstones to looking after our precious pelvic floors.

Develop deep understanding of each strategy by learning them one at a time with a clear daily video explanation.

Start learning the 6 strategies now! 

About FiftyFitness and the trainer - Dr Kate Rowen

In a nutshell, I’m an educator. It’s what I was born to do and the common thread in what might seem a convoluted journey. Nursing was my first career. Then I decided to be a scientist and ultimately became a university chemistry lecturer. Now I’m a personal trainer.

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Because I believe we can be over 50 and better than ever!

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Kate’s insights and philosophy regarding exercise are powerful and life-changing, and I can’t recommend her programs highly enough.

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Kate's support, her knowledge about the body (I am learning a thing or two), and her enthusiasm as well as her encouragement while doing the exercises are awesome. Thank you Kate!

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Kate is a friendly and enthusiastic trainer who listens to what your fitness goals are and helps you to achieve them in a fun and relaxed training environment. 

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