Join me (Daily Tarot Girl) for a fun & magical Tarot workshop where I'll share my secrets on how I connect with my cards, open my intuition and interact with my Tarot deck for 5-star ideas, insights & guidance.

What you'll learn:

♥ The #1 method for opening your intuition

♥ How to get your cards talking (like a gossipy best friend!)

How to make your readings feel easy & fun

What you'll need:

A Tarot deck, pen and notebook

***Open to ALL levels***

Meet your Instructor:

Hi, I'm Kate (aka Daily Tarot Girl) I first learned Tarot over 17 years ago and have since taught thousands
of people how to read Tarot through my 900+ YouTube videos, live workshops, podcasts, blog posts and online classes.

My mission is to help you have more fun with your Tarot cards and access your intuition effortlessly & deliciously! ♥♥♥