FREE 5 day challenge

The Tasting Trek

Join us for simple activities designed to help busy families learn how to take the stress + fear out of trying new foods. 

Because everyone CAN enjoy connecting at the dinner table and eat fabulous foods together! 

The Tasting Trek will help...

Reduce Anxiety

Reduce the fear and stress that comes from "NEW" by taking the emotion out of food and instead looking at it in a more analytical way.

Explore Taste

Give your kids the language they need to explore their taste buds with prompts and questions to ask at dinner time and beyond.

Create Curiosity

Infuse more fun and curiosity into your family's meals with simple experiments and fun worksheets the whole family can complete together.

Start having better dinners today!

Explore the Tasting Trek with your family!

What you will explore:

Day One

Set the stage

Set the stage for your family's expectations of this fun and easy challenge! Day One is all about getting on the same page and having fun!

Day Two

Exploring Basic Flavors

This quick 10 minute activity uses simple pantry staples to help explore basic flavors with the goal to reduce anxiety that comes with tasting new food and instead puts the focus on having fun!

Day Three

Sensory Scavenger Hunt

Search high and low in your kitchen to explore how all of your senses influence how a food tastes. Discover new things about foods you already eat. No shopping necessary! 

Day Four

Build A Tasting Tray

Create a fun tasting tray experiment so you can explore foods you already know in a brand new way. This tray is all about exploring the color GREEN! Record your thoughts on a special work sheet just for this tasting experiment.

Day Five

The Final Expedition

Put together the pieces of everything you have learned and apply it to your mealtime. Explore and think about your food in ways you never thought of before! Print and use the day's worksheet for every new meal you try!

Take The Tasting Trek