The Tasting Trek

Take your kids on a [free] journey that will guide them away from the chicken nuggets and toward your favorite cuisine in just 5 days 

  • Are you tired of micromanaging every bite your child takes at dinner time?
  • Does the thought of macaroni and cheese sound awful?
  • Know there must be a way to actually enjoy dinner with your family?
  • Wish you didn’t have to survive the evening just to get to bedtime?
  • Ready to eat the foods you miss and have your kids taste it without bribes or disgusted looks?

The Tasting Trek will help...

Reduce Anxiety

Reduce the fear and stress that comes from "NEW" by taking the emotion out of food and instead looking at it in a more analytical way.

Explore Taste

Give your kids the language they need to explore their taste buds with prompts and questions to ask at dinner time and beyond.

Create Curiosity

Infuse more fun and curiosity into your family's meals with simple experiments and fun worksheets the whole family can complete together.

Take your family on a Tasting Trek, a quick 5 day process to open your kids’ minds when it comes to trying new foods and helps parents actually enjoy family meals again.

Remember the good old days when you were first exploring new flavors with your 9 month old? How each bite felt exciting for both you and your little one? You felt confident in the process because you had guidance on how to introduce each new flavor and texture. Right down to how soft the bites needed to be and how to warm the foods to the perfect temperature. Your sweet baby trusted your instincts and willingly opened up to each new spoonful.

Then, somewhere along the line, your baby became an independent child with opinions and decided that chicken nuggets and fries were among a short selection of dinners you were allowed to bring to the table. Tears were shed. Words were shouted. Feelings were hurt. Suddenly life after 5 PM felt like it was run more by your child than by you. Indian food? What’s that? Who even remembers what onions taste like anyway?

Put the race to bedtime behind you.

The Tasting Trek is a fun experiment for your family. One that can be done in less than 30 minutes per day and can lead you to a lifetime of enjoyable family dinners. Reconnect with your kids, awaken their taste buds, and relax while you eat after taking this journey together.

Start having better dinners today!

Explore the Tasting Trek with your family!

What the challenge looks like:

Day One

Set the stage

It starts with a mindset shift. For parents, it’s important to let go of micromanaging each bite your child takes. Learn how your mood affects the rest of the family’s attitude at the table. During this experiment, your kids will understand that it’s okay to try new things. They’ll find out that foods aren’t just GOOD or BAD. It can be fun to taste something new and explore the variety of flavors and textures each bite offers them. Don’t worry, Mom and Dad, you’ll have guidance on how to get them to open up.

Day Two

Exploring Basic Flavors

Your kids might be all too familiar with the flavors, sweet and salty, but you remember the joys of sour, bitter, and umami among the sweet and salty too. Day two’s simple experiment will guide your little explorers on a challenge to identify each of the basic flavors as they guess which is which! You’ll get to giggle as you recall the first time your oldest tasted a lemon wedge as she awakens her taste for sour all over again.

Day Three

Sensory Scavenger Hunt

You know how easily smells can travel through the house and how texture can offset your kid’s willingness to truly taste the meal you’ve spent 45 minutes preparing. But your child may need to learn how taste, smell, and texture can work together to create a delicious meal. On the sensory scavenger hunt, they’ll take a blind-folded taste test and learn how to explain their experience of trying different foods.

Day Four

Build A Tasting Tray

That’s right. Take on the color GREEN with your kids in the ultimate taste test! Green is a tough one for many kids to get past, but when done in experiment form, they’ll learn green can pack just as much flavor as their favorite blue and red foods. Armed with guided conversation cards and a tray of foods your kids helped pick out, you’ll see exactly why your kids do or don’t enjoy certain foods.

Day Five

The Final Expedition

You’ve explored tastes, textures, and smells together. Your kids now know how to properly explain their thoughts toward different foods. You’ve started to relax and enjoy the experience. Now it’s time for a family meal. A simple worksheet will help you and your kids put together all of the things you learned over the past week and try your first meal together with a fresh perspective.

Take The Tasting Trek

A pleasant surprise.

Families who have taken the Tasting Trek say they’ve never thought to break down meals like this before. It’s something fun and different for parents and kids to try together. The kids can’t stop talking about the experiments they’ve done at home and enjoy knowing how to explain their thoughts about food to parents without the fear of parents getting frustrated in return.

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Complete Support

Each day, you’ll receive an email with the simple instructions on how to run the day’s experiment. Guidance is provided on how to talk to your kids about the foods they’ll try. You’ll even receive optional grocery lists and food descriptors so you’re fully armed with everything you need for the Tasting Trek journey.

Meet Your Guide

Jenni lives in Des Moines, Iowa with her amazing husband, three girls, two dogs who think they are children, and two feisty cats. She is the creator of The Gingered Whisk, a recipe blog dedicated to finding easy, healthy-ish, and tasty weeknight meals that kids and adults alike will love. She is super passionate about helping every member of a family learn to love great food. When not cooking, eating, or thinking about food, she is often hiking around area parks, creating intricate legos castles with her girls, watching nerdy tv with her husband, or curled up in a corner somewhere reading a good book.