For a very long time I felt LOST. 

My life lacked substance and direction. I felt like I was jut going through the motions

This membership changed 

all that!

It wasn't until I found TBE that I understood for the first time ever that I was the creator of my experience. I had the power! TBE has provided me with the tools for living a more confident, happier, and.... 

I even lost 22lbs!

- Marie, Ohio

To Be Enlitened is the only coaching membership that provides a step-by-step system for creating happier lives and healthier bodies for busy women who want to release this grip of over-giving, perfectionism, self abandonment, and stress eating.

To Be Enlitened if for you if:

    ✔️ You wonder if there is more to life than "this." With To Be Enlitened, you will feel safe and secure knowing you have a step-by-step system for breaking apart harmful patterns that are holding you back while guiding you towards healthy happy action that is truly aligned to your needs, not to the beliefs or needs of others.

    ✔️ Your busy schedule and life's demands have you feeling stressed out and unable to make time for yourself. This group coaching membership will aid you in calming your nervous system so that you feel cool, calm, creating MORE time, energy, and resources to support you in your transformation.

    ✔️ Fear holds you back from making decisions about your future. It's hard to make decisions when you feel like you don't have enough information. With To Be Enlitened, you don't let life make the decisions for you. You will know how to safely and securely take the exact next steps towards your DESIREd INTENTIONAL life.

Group Coaching Membership


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was: $79/mo

NOW $35/mo
save $44

TRANSFORMATION TOOL KIT: Unlimited one-year access to the To Be Enlitened ITP vault that includes Rapid Transformation Meditations, journaling exercises, The Life Audit, daily aligned action checklists for living a happier, healthier, untethered life.

SUPPORT, COMMUNITY, CONNECTION: Unlimited one-year access to To Be Enlitened Coaching Membership Community

    ONGOING INSPIRATION & COACHING WITH MELISSA: with weekly motivational livestreams, breathwork sessions, and Q&As.

      *There is a $50 service charge for anyone who cancels their membership before the one year is up.