October 27, 2018

Did you miss our two-day annual conference in Atlanta? Are you interested in joining us for a one-day Institute focused on ALL of the BEST workshops around self-care? If so, come to Chicago for a day of rediscovery!

What should you expect when you attend?

Hands-On Learning

No more sitting in boring workshops on things we already know! Instead, we offer workshops on topics around self-care that teachers actually need. 

Learn from the Best

Nothing is worse than learning from people who have no idea what it's like in the classroom. At our events, connect with fellow educators who have mastered the art of teaching and self-care. 


Teachers need teachers. Whether it's at our Costume Mixer, or during the conference we structure our event around relationships with teachers. Leave knowing you've formed connections with teachers around the world! 

Personal Connection

The entire weekend we treat our attendees like professionals with a personal connection. While there are structured sessions, there will be space for 'on the fly' learning by professioals. 


From our obligatory mixer the night before our event, to our Keynote Speaker who have been classroom teachers, we believe in making sure our attendees are engaged in the learning. 


Instead of being more excited about coming home, you'll dread leaving. Our attendees leave feeling rejuvenated to do the work. 

Event Countdown


Costume Mixer

Join us on Friday night for a costume themed mixer for attendees to welcome us to the "Windy City", Deep Dished Pizza, and Chicago-Style Polish Sausages!  The only requirement to attend? Be ready to have FUN!  

Engaging Workshops, Seminars, and Keynote Speakers

The entire day is organized around the belief that learning for teachers does not have to be boring. We've curated workshops topics such as leadership training, leaving the profession, creating a TpT store, mindfulness in the classroom, etc.

Teachers will have a chance to not only engage in an organized workshop, but there will be time built into the schedule for therapy sessions around the frustrations around teaching. 

Workshops that focus on TEACHERS!

We've all been to professional learning that tells us ALL of the things we already KNOW. We nod and say "okay" but on the inside, we're screaming because no one is LISTENING what teachers need. In our workshops, we focus on topics that are critical for teachers to learn about (i.e. mindfulness for teachers, finding a new job, stress management, teacher burnout, leadership training, etc.).