“Smile, breathe, and go slowly”

Teen Depression & Anxiety Group

This group is led by Ericka Mollica, LCSWA. We discuss stressors, share ways in which we attempt to handle the stressors, explore alternative solutions and begin building new skills utilizing DBT and mindfulness based techniques and interventions. Join our group of people who are going through similar experiences; find a safe place for support and learn new ways to face really overwhelming experiences.

Who is this Group for?

Designed for teens struggling with symptoms such as difficulty concentration, lack of energy, hopelessness, suicidal ideation/self harm, excessive worry, or restlessness.

Great for teens who are in individual therapy for anxiety or depression and is a great option to experience therapy for the first time.

How this Group will help

  • Help teens understand the causes and symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Provide strategies such as mindfulness and relaxation that can be used to cope with symptoms
  • Provide ways to identify and challenge negative thinking

Group therapy is incredibly powerful when it comes to helping teens overcome challenges.

In groups, teenagers gain support from hearing stories and experiences of their peers, realizing they are NOT alone.

To complete sign up for group, a free 15 minute telephone consultation to determine need and to schedule an in-person clinical interview are required determine if this group or others would be most appropriate.

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