Wendy Barlin Asks:

Are You A Business Owner Paying Too Much In Taxes?

If you are a US-based business owner who pays $30,000 or more in Federal Income Tax, isn't it time to find out if you can take more deductions and pay less taxes? 

Wendy Barlin is teaching business owners like you how to save thousands on their taxes, year after year, with proper tax planning and maximizing deductions. 

If you're overpaying on taxes, then you don't want to miss her next presentation. Come and invest 30 minutes with Wendy to find out if her "That's Deductible Workshop" can help you, too. By the end of the presentation, you'll have at least one takeaway that most business owners simply do not know. 

Wendy Barlin, CPA, is an author, professional speaker and tax strategist. Wendy has spent her entire career helping people keep more of their hard earned money with tax strategies and cash management plans.