Are you having problems getting pregnant?

Have medical tests found there are no obvious reasons why you can’t conceive?

Perhaps medical tests have come back inconclusive, leaving you no option but to dabble in self-help methods?

Or maybe you have been told there is some borderline sperm irregularity with your partner or some common gynaecological conditions with you?

So often the suggested route forward from all of these situations is IVF but that doesn’t always feel like the best route for every couple wanting to conceive.

The good news is there is another way which is popular, easy to implement and puts you in control. I call it Fertility Health – creating the right environment in your body to improve the chance of getting pregnant and staying pregnant.

I’ve put together an informative report to help you take the first steps in understanding and improving your fertility health to maximise your chances of a healthy pregnancy.

In this report you’ll learn…

What it means to be ‘Fertility Healthy’

    Why medical tests may not hold all the answers

    How to take your first step to achieve Fertility Health

      If you’re having problems getting or staying pregnant, it might surprise and inspire you to learn that you really can get pregnant naturally once you fully understand your fertility health.

      What does it mean to be Fertility Healthy?

      Fertility Health is a state where each stage of a woman’s cycle functions perfectly and the man’s sperm has adequate quantity (sperm count), correct shape (morphology) and can ‘swim’ properly (motility).

      These combined factors are vital to enable all the processes of conception, transportation, implantation and growth of the embryo to happen and to work successfully.

      I know because you’re here that you have a deep desire to be Fertility Healthy and conceive, and I’m here to guide you on this truly life changing journey!

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      Don’t just take my word for it

      I know you have a deep desire to conceive, which is why it’s also important that you don’t just take my word for it that my methods work! Here’s some feedback from a few of my fabulous clients, along with a little background about who I am so you can get to know me a little better…

      With a specifically tailored Fertility Health program, the tried and tested combination of lifestyle, acupuncture and herbal medicine methods I use have helped hundreds of women with fertility and miscarriage issues with fantastic results!

      About me

      I became interested in Acupuncture back in 1997, when my eldest son was experiencing some health problems and I wanted to find something to help him. I met Dr Wu and was very impressed with his advice and treatment for my son. Dr Wu was a senior lecturer for the course at Middlesex University, so I looked into the course and decided to apply.

      I’d always been interested in therapies that seemed more natural, like yoga, eating healthily and massage but my son’s health problem was a real wakeup call that a combined orthodox and traditional medicine approach can sometimes be the best.

      I’ve been continuously practising acupuncture since I qualified in 2004, having completed the highly respected 5 year, full-time, BAAB accredited, degree course from Middlesex and Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This course included a lot of orthodox medical modules and it was pretty hard work!

      As part of my training I discovered how acupuncture and traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, along with simple lifestyle changes can address a range of hormonal and fertility issues and, since then, I have been committed to supporting men and women make the changes they need to get pregnant and have a healthy and successful pregnancy.

      Learn how to be Fertility Healthy

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