The Art Of Self-Intimacy

Starter Guide

Are you questioning whether you're normal or if your body is somehow broken because you're not achieving the pleasure or orgasms you desire?

Do you find yourself primarily in a state of doing and thinking, leading you to lose touch with your sensuality?

Are you confident in your career and social interactions, yet plagued by anxiety or fear when it comes to intimacy?

Have you ever felt that reading more books, and engaging in talk therapies enriches your thinking but doesn't lead to significant changes in your actions?

You're not alone. I, too, encountered these challenges over decades. That's why I have created the starter guide.

My intention is to inspire you to cultivate self-intimacy, a fundamental stepping stone toward establishing deep intimacy, great sex, and loving relationships.

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Disclaimer: Jin is not acting as a medical professional or mental health therapist/counselor. Therefore, her services are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions. 

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