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Do you enjoy Creatively Lauren but wish you could see behind the scenes, get extra blog posts, and hear about exciting announcements before I announce them on social media or the blog?


Then you are in the right place!

The Creative Collective is where I will be sharing the behind the scenes of Creatively Lauren, where I will be sharing extra blog posts, and where I will be making announcements about the awesome things coming in the future first!

Yup! That special project I'm working on, I will announce it here first before I even announce it on the blog, because that is what you signed up for!

Speaking of, I'm currently working on making The Creative Collective something more than just an email community. Exciting right? Join in on the fun now and get ready!

The Technical Stuff

I send out my emails once a week, on Thursdays. I usually have them go out at about 1pm MST, you can convert that to your local time here.

I try to only keep it to one email a week, however, if I am working on a launch, or are trying to gather information from the collective, then I will send out more than one a week. I will limit to only one email a day (unless I am correcting an error. I'm human okay!)

About Lauren Albright

Hey there! I'm Lauren and I'm the creator of I'm currently wrapping up my senior year of college, and looking to help others begin their blogging journey. I want everyone to be able to express their creativity, I believe it is something very important to have but is lacking under our current culture.