The Garden Workbook

In The Garden Workbook, you'll learn how to plan and set up your best garden yet!

Below, you'll find more information on this ebook/prinatable pack combo. 

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The Garden Workbook is Here...

  • To help you "download your brain" so you don't ever need to remember it all.
  • To help you create a shortcut. A way to design a successful garden once and improve it in the following years.
  • To give you a crazy easy way to record your garden and manage it all.
  • To save you a boatload of time and money!
  • To help you get more organized so you can work less while still producing a ton of food!

This Ebook/Printables Combo Includes...

  • 26 pages ebook that will walk you through how to design and set up your best garden yet!
  • 16 printable pages to help you plan, record, and manage your garden.
  • Recources to help you plant a productive garden.

What Our Customers Say...

About Lady Lee...

My first garden was on a slope at the edge of a pine forest (<< insert face slap!).

Needless to say, nothing grew in that garden...

This was almost a decade ago. Since then, I've planted many spring, summer, and fall gardens and have learned a few very important tricks.

My name is Lady Lee and I blog over at Lady Lee's Home. I am a single mom, a business owner, and a farmer and I want to show you how you can grow a productive, simple garden without the overwhelm!