Do you...

  • wake up already tired, wanting the day to come to an end?
  • feel anxious at the thought of all the activities ahead of you?
  • lack the patience or the desire to play with your children, and the routine gets the better of you?
  • feel you would need a whole month to recover your energy?
  • take on too many responsibilities and ignore your body's signals?

We have exactly what you need!


A workshop for busy moms who need more self-care

Identify the obstacles

Understanding why we struggle with our self-care allows us to deactivate patterns and behaviours and adopt better ones.

Reprogram your mind

Reframe your mindset around self-care, rest and sleep. Re-think your schedule around your well-being so that you can mother better.

Incorporate new tools

Learn clever strategies to manage overwhelm, calm the nervous system, and get the rest you need without having to book a weekend out.

When: TBD

Where: Online

Why: Because you need it!

The workshop will include:

✨ A holistic yoga practice designed especially for moms, including pregnant and postpartum women (after 8th week).

✨ Self-reflection prompts and journaling.

✨ A deeply restorative yoga nidra session (the sleep of yoga) specifically for moms.

✨ Instant relaxation techniques.

✨ Self-care tips that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

✨ Surprise gifts and discount codes from prestigious brands.

Ready to become well-rested, energized and centered?

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