No more parenting alone. 

No more uncertainty. 

No more disconnection.

Raising Mindful Children in Mindful Families, TOGETHER. 

Guided by a Life and Parenting Coach.

Launching February 15, 2020

Are you expecting your first child?

If you want to break the cycle of fear, guilt, and shame, and parent with love, acceptance, and compassion - your place is with us.

Are you expecting your second child?

Do you still remember the loneliness and uncertainty tainting the love and excitement of raising your firstborn?

Do you remember the judgment and expectations, and the daily clash between desire and reality - and don’t want to suffer the consequences again?

Your place is with us.

Are you already parenting two or more young human beings?

Do you want to learn how to communicate with your children, your partner, and your family in a way that allows all of you to live authentically and grow as human beings in each other’s presence, with peace, compassion, and empathy?

Your place is with us.


The responsive, peaceful, attachment parenting community that promises you a LIFE OF PEACE and CLARITY.

Here’s just a bit of what THE TRIBE membership offers you:

The Newborn Stages

  • How to handle the lack of sleep and not suffer from it
  • How to raise your child with full respect to their autonomy while not sabotaging your own boundaries
  • How to create an atmosphere of protection and freedom, allowing your child to rise to their full potential
  • How to make growth spurts and developmental leaps work for you and your child
  • How to turn the “terrible twos” and “threenage” years into the most beautiful period

The Sibling Stages

  • How to foster beautiful relationships between siblings
  • How to allow both children full freedom while fostering compassion for each other
  • How to foster love and acceptance among all family members with full respect and acknowledgment of each other’s full identity
  • How to turn every sibling communication into a connecting and learning opportunity
  • How to make the most of “sibling rivalry”

The Mother Stages

  • How to handle your own triggers
  • How to find patience in the chaos
  • How to overcome your own fears and anxieties
  • How to identify your parenting TRUTH
  • How to communicate with your children

The Partner Stages

  • How to identify your needs and communicate them to your partner to foster their acceptance
  • How to keep your boundaries safe during the challenges of parenting
  • How to ask for help (and receive it)
  • How to say NO to the help that doesn’t help you
  • How to overcome differences in your parenting philosophies

The Family Stages

  • How to navigate mothers and mothers-in-law
  • How to overcome differences in perception
  • How to foster mutual respect and acceptance
  • How to communicate honestly to extended family without losing the connection

All this and so much more in THE TRIBE you didn’t have - until now.

No more parenting alone. 

No more uncertainty. 

No more disconnection.

Launching in February 2020, THE TRIBE will be your island of peace in a chaotic world:

  • Weekly mindfulness lessons for the entire family
  • Guest speakers in a variety of parenting subjects (breastfeeding, physical development, educational approaches, and more)
  • Weekly group sessions
  • Daily open discussions
  • Constant support from a communication specialist and a life and parenting coach
  • Discounted 1-on-1 sessions on demand
  • Written content designed for your specific needs
  • The love, support, and warm embrace of women from all over the world who are going through the exact same things you are

THE TRIBE is where you will get to know YOU so that you can parent from the heart.

I will be offering this incredible opportunity to redefine life and parenting to 50 amazing mothers ONLY and early bird registration starts RIGHT NOW.

Join us for as low as $49 a month and parent with a coach on-demand with the community you’ve always wanted.

Sign up below and watch for the upcoming email.

THE TRIBE: Raising Mindful Children, in Mindful Families - TOGETHER

Your Investment is Risk Free

There are no strings attached - if you don't like what you find with THE TRIBE - a simple message to me will cancel your membership on the spot.