Want to make kids' clothes that fit?

When you measure relevant parts of your kid and make a note of those measurements to refer to when sewing, you are more likely to end up with a piece of clothing that will fit your child.

"Life is often busy, so when you finally get time to sit down and sew, you should be able to enjoy your well-deserved me-time: Just you, some fabric, and your sewing machine. No distractions."

- Ane

Having the kids' body measurements on hand will save you from having to step out of your sewing-zen-zone to check if the pattern you plan on using will fit.

That is why I've made a pdf with pages for you to take notes of your kids' measurements.

The PDF is totally free!

All I ask in return is a chance to send you the occasional email with news, tips and discounts from my online fabric store.

Take a look at what you get

The PDF includes:

  • a short guide on how to measure the body parts that are relevant for sewing kids' clothes.
  • a page showing a girl with dedicated places for writing down the measurements you take.
  • a page showing a boy with places for writing down the measurements you take.
  • extra spaces for jotting down your own favourite measurements.
  • a header where you can write the name of the child, its age and the date you took the measurements.
  • the last page has clickable links to go see the eco-friendly fabrics currently available in my store. ❤

Get the PDF!

Get the PDF, start sewing and ENJOY!