Are you longing to integrate, explore or expand your creativity? 

Join me this Spring, starting March 3rd!

The Artists Way is a course by Julia Cameron designed to recover and awaken creativity, generating play and inspiration for the 'artist' present within us all. 

Over 13 weeks we will unpick old creative blocks and find ways to cultivate greater permission to express the fullest spectrum of our dreams and desires. These dreams may feel overwhelmingly big or insignificantly small, yet they are often tied to similar threads, perhaps protection or resistance, ways we may have learnt to keep ourselves hidden. 

Together we will resource each other with courage and joy, to find the 'artistry' unique to each of us as source of empowerment, strength and resilience along our path. There will be no push to become something or someone else, only the steady support to explore more of ourselves than we may previously have imagined possible! We expect this to be a rich and rewarding collective experience!

Each week there will be a short chapter to read and a series of exercises and reflections to experiment with in your own time. If you are already familiar with the book, you may also know it is common to start with enthusiasm yet quickly lose this motivation when trying to complete it alone. Joining a group is a way to keep each other accountable, making commitment much easier and more enjoyable. You will be supported to find your own rhythms of risk, rest, and radical compassion, taking on as much or as little of the tasks as you feel able. 

We will meet each week for 1 hour to 'check-in' sharing our journey together in confidentiality (needing to miss a session for prior commitments is also ok!)

Here is an overview of the course content:

  • Week 1: Recovering a sense of safety (shadow artists, negative beliefs and finding the ally within)
  • Week 2: Recovering a sense of identity (skepticism, attention and feeling sane)
  • Week 3: Recovering a sense of power (shame, growth and facing criticism)
  • Week 4: Recovering a sense of integrity (buried dreams and making honest changes)
  • Week 5: Recovering a sense of possibility (forbidden joys and wish lists)
  • Week 6: Recovering a sense of abundance (luxury, counting and relating to money)
  • Week 7: Recovering a sense of connection (perfectionism, jealousy and taking risks)
  • Week 8: Recovering a sense of strength (age, time and coping with loss)
  • Week 9: Recovering a sense of compassion (fear, enthusiasm and creative blocks)
  • Week 10: Recovering a sense of self-protection (drought and meeting competition)
  • Week 11: Recovering a sense of autonomy (acceptance and finding inner resource)
  • Week 12: Recovering a sense of faith (trusting, mystery and playing with the imagination)
  • Week 13: Closing and Integrating our journey


The full course is a sliding scale pay-as-you-can contribution:                                                           (£30 unwaged, £50 low waged, £70 comfortable wage, £100 to support me in developing this work) 

If money is a limitation, exchange may also be possible, please get in touch! The contribution covers 1 hour Skype meeting each Sunday evening, a mid-week encouragement email, pdf link to The Artists Way book with all course content, and an optional WhatsApp group. Limited spaces, sing up now using the form below.


***Sarah is a PhD Art student, visual artist, papermaker, poet and dancer who has been exploring her own often challenging relationship with her creativity alongside facilitating related workshops for over ten years. She made several failed attempts to complete The Artists Way on her own before starting a support group 3 years ago to help her through! This was a transformative experience and she has since held other groups through the process over the last two years. She holds strong, gentle, affirmative spaces with an emphasis on permission and trust