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Grab your spot in the June/July Group- the LAST Group of 2021!

Come grow, refine, and strengthen your mentoring/instructor training abilities and techniques!

Although training new adaptive/therapeutic riding instructors can be a very fun and rewarding experience it also comes with a lot of responsibility, the potential for stress and frustration, and often feels like recipe for success is hard to find.

That's where this course comes into play:

This course equips and empowers fellow mentors/instructor trainers with the tools and techniques they need to train and progress instructors in-training.

Practice and refine the art of taking an instructor in-training from being "green" in the arena to competent and confident...ready to tackle and manage lessons on their own.

This course has been custom designed to provide mentors (those training new or established instructors) with the tools, techniques, and confidence they need to set not only their mentees but also themselves up for a positive and rewarding learning and development experience.

What's in this Course?

Who? When? Where?

  • WHO Should Attend?: Adaptive/therapeutic riding instructor trainers/mentors 
    • This course is suitable for instructors responsible for training and mentoring/coaching adaptive/therapeutic riding instructors in-training. This course has also been designed to benefit mentors/instructor trainers of various experience levels...from brand new to seasoned. If you are looking to grow, refine, and strengthen your mentoring/instructor training abilities and process...this course is for you!
  • WHEN is this Course: The same information will be taught during each block of dates. Choose the course you would like to attend when registering. Groups will fill on a first come first serve basis. 
    • April- 3:00-6:00 PM Pacific on Mondays 4/19, 4/26, and 5/3 (FILLED)
    • May- 7:00-10:00 AM Pacific on Thursdays 5/6, 5/13, 5/20
    • June- 3:00-6:00 PM Pacific on Tuesdays 6/22, 6/29, 7/6 (LAST TIME OFFERED IN 2021!)
  • WHERE Will the Course Happen: LIVE over Zoom and communications through email and Facebook.
    • Facebook- Each Instructor Training Fundamentals group will have their own private Facebook group page where you can network with fellow instructors. Don't have a Facebook account? Don't worry! Emails with the supporting documents, templates, and links to the video rooms will be sent out to attendees.
    • Zoom- The classes will be taught LIVE through Zoom. Q & A time will be available for those attending during the live time. Not able to make a live time? No worries! The lessons will be recorded for you to watch at a later time that works for you.
  • COST of this Course: $58/person ($48 for current members of The Intuitive Instructor Club)
    • This course is valued at over $250 but offered at a budget friendly price. Why? I'm on a mission to make education and development affordable and accessible to fellow instructors!

Filled- Registration CLOSED

Registration CLOSED

Registration Open- Limited seats available- LAST CHANCE IN 2021!!!


How is "The Art of Training A/T Riding Instructors" different from "Mentor Boot Camp? Think of The Art of Training Instructors as Mentor Boot Camp-Part 2! What we will be digging into during this new course was inspired and requested by the participants of the 2020 Mentor Boot Camp....they wanted to learn MORE about HOW to train, evaluate, and give feedback to instructors in-training.
The Art of Training Instructors gets into the details of lesson evaluation, feedback, and progression of instructors when you are actively training. During The Art of Training Instructors we will quickly review a suggested screening method and mentee progression flow (that was covered in great detail during the Mentor Boot Camp) but will spend the bulk of the time practicing lesson evaluation. We will actively practice reviewing lessons using real-life classes then take what we see and break the information down into prioritized information that helps support and progress the instructors we are training without causing information overload.
To refresh your memory if you attended Mentor Boot Camp: we went into detail on how to define and refine who/what you want to mentor, your screening and application process, setting expectations for those attending your training, sample training progression, working through common mentoring challenges, etc. Several sample documents, evaluation templates, progression flows, and more were also given. The Art of Training Instructors digs deeper into the art and techniques of evaluating your mentees riding and teaching so you feel better equipped to screen and train them.
Will we be talking about the CTRI certification during The Art of Training Instructors? All of the techniques and methods shared with you are things that I personally use when training my mentees (both those just wanting to grow as instructors and those working towards certification), coaching certification candidates during video reviews for the RTRI and CTRI process, and when evaluating at an RTRI certification event. However....we will not be talking only about things as they apply to the CTRI process. What I will be sharing are tried and true methods for instructor training in general....I promise that it will directly apply to success during the CTRI process (or any other certification!). Why? Because creating a strong, thinking instructor makes for a solid candidate for certification! If you need more in depth detailed information about the CTRI process and all the components then check out The Ultimate Schooling Session for the CTRI Process.

Meet Your Instructor

Saebra Pipoly

Saebra is the owner and founder of Hoof Falls & Footfalls, LLC where she specializes in teaching adaptive riding lessons as well as providing in-person, online, and remote clinics geared towards instructor education, coaching, and development. 

She is a lifelong equestrian and has been immersed in the EAAT industry since early 2008 where she has since received multiple certifications and training through PATH Intl. and CHA. She has a passion for building up and educating instructors through in-person and online educational opportunities.

Grow and empower quality instructors = growing the number of lives impacted through high-quality adaptive equine activities.