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What is The BLVED Collective?

The BLVED Collective is a place where young people can come learn, be encouraged, and get help on their life’s journey.

Life Coaching for Young Catholic Women

The BLVED Collective is excited to offer Life Coaching for young Catholic women who are looking to integrate their faith into their daily life. 

Why is integration important? Because the Catholic faith is meant to permeate every part of our lives.  But the world doesn't always support that view so some work needs to be done to integrate our faith into our lives! 

The goal of life coaching with The BLVED Collective is to integrate every part of your life, placing Christ at the center, so that everything stems from that relationship and actions and decisions are not made in opposition to it. 

Discover the full freedom that the Christian life has to offer!

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I offer a one hour free consultation where we can chat about life coaching and what you particularly need! 

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About Me

Hi! I’m Laura Jean

I founded The BLVED Collective to help young people become the people they were created to be. I have spent the last few years studying Theology, Marriage and Family, and am a certified Life Coach. I can’t wait to share what I have learned with you! 

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