Do you wonder if your child’s behaviors, such as sadness, arguing, biting, or hyperactivity, are normal? Are you losing confidence in your parenting, or are you worried you are overlooking your child’s major mental health issues? Knowing what is normal and what is not regarding your child’s mood, anxiety, and behavior can be challenging. Understanding when to get help and what resources and holistic treatment approaches are available are other challenges parents face today. A Harvard-trained child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist with over fifteen years of experience, Dr. Melissa Lopez-Larson has helped hundreds of parents and their children.
In The Confident Parent, you will:

  • Understand the normal changes in physical, emotional, and social development that occur during childhood and adolescence
  • Learn to identify when normal struggles in development become problematic and when to seek treatment
  • Identify parenting strategies that will work for you and your child
  • Understand the different mood and behavioral conditions that could impact your child and the different entry points to treatment and wellness
  • Experience the relief of knowing that you understand your child’s distress and know how to get the right help for them

At the end of The Confident Parent, you will gain confidence in understanding your child’s developmental challenges and learn strategies for tackling them head on. Get started on understanding the many pathways to healing and expedite your child’s wellness journey today.

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