The Creative Business Alignment Workshop

Get excited again about building your business ‘Your Way’!  Learn how to build a business that aligns with that inner conversation in your head and that gut feeling you have when you decided to show up for your business.

In this FREE 5 Day Workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why most traditional business advice doesn’t work for creative chronic illness entrepreneurs (This shouldn’t shock you, but it probably will!)

  • The R.E.A.L 4 step system for growing a sustainable and profitable business that feels authentic and simple, even when you’re laid up with a heating pad.

  • How to stop feeling overwhelmed when it's time to make decisions from marketing to other opportunities...and start saying yes or no with ease! 

  • A foolproof mind and body practice to give you that extra spark you need for creating and showing up in all your chronically creative glory.

Join me in this free 5-day workshop the week of August 23rd, Monday through Friday at 12 pm ETD. I’ll help you find clarity and confidence with the same tools my clients and I use to build a sustainable creative business.

If this describes you, then this workshop is for you.

  • You may feel lost or stuck in your business while trying to show up on social media and do #allthethings the gurus said is a must, while feeling overwhelmed and pushing through pain and life hurdles.

  • Or you may feel like you're just going through the motions and hoping that something will stick and your business finally take off.

  • Or you just might feel like you've lost sight of your mission and passion?

If you said, "Girl This Is So Me" or just nodded your head, I've got you, beautiful!

As a mindset business coach and chronic illness warrior, I know how it feels to constantly search for clarity and require flexibility to do things my way. It took me many years of stress-induced flare-ups to figure out how to have both. But I did! So now, not only am I growing a thriving and sustainable business while living with multiple chronic illnesses, but I've also been able to help other women just like you, to do it too.

You deserve to thrive and not feel like you're just surviving in your business.

In this Free 5-day coaching workshop, here’s what to expect

Day 1: Learn about three simple tools that will help you unleash the power that every creative and chronic illness warrior has to reset from the inside out. (we’re talking mind and body ladies)

Day 2: Get Clear on Why your Business Exist. Learn how to create a mission statement that serves as a guide to embracing sustainable growth and to you showing up as your most authentic self.

Day 3: Establish What Makes You Different so you can align what you do with who serve

Day 4: Identify & leverage the power of solving #1 thing even when you offer multiple products and services

Day 5: Bringing it all together with Q&A and little hot seat coaching

Every day you’ll receive :

  • Workbook and Live Coaching

  • Daily Prompts for reflection & implementation

  • Q & A

  • Fun Engagement Giveaways

Join us live and start embracing what you love about yourself and your business again!

About Your Host

My name is Nikita Williams, Owner of Crafted To Thrive. I'm a Mindset Business Coach For Creative and Chronic illness Entrepreneurs. I love helping women go from feeling stuck, overwhelmed & uncertain to being clear on what they want, who they want to serve, and how to get it.