Your inner critic is that loud inner voice that can kick up doubts and stop you from taking action. It's a sneaky little thing that can show up as procrastination, perfectionism, guilt, shame, anxiety, and even depression.

This Inner Critic Starter Workbook Will Help You: 

1. Better understand the source of your inner critic (I'm sure ya'll have some history).

2. Find and challenge the thoughts that cause you to miss opportunities.

3. Get the strategies to crush self-doubt and change your relationship with your inner self.

    Slay The Inner Critic Workbook

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    No more hesitations. You came here because you needed this.  

    Amanda Fludd, LCSW-R

    Amanda is no stranger to extraordinary dreams and working through self-doubt to achieve her bucket list goals. In just the last three years she successfully established a private practice,  coached hundreds of women globally around their limiting beliefs, ran the New York City Marathon, and took on an adjunct teaching position while raising two children and hanging with her husband. 

    Her secret? Know your why, challenge your thinking, and invest in yourself.