How to access just the right dance music that every ballroom dancer is looking for: EVEN if you don't have time to make your own music playlist.

Welcome to "The Dancing DJ"!

A private group membership dedicated to providing inspiring dance music for Ballroom and Social Dancers!

Meet "The Dancing DJ"

Hello! My name is Pam Wood, owner of Ballroom Made Simple and a DVIDA certified Junior Associate Ballroom Dance Instructor.

Why did I start this group? 

Because I LOVE Music and I LOVE Ballroom Dancing and I see how students struggle identifying what dance to do when a song comes on.

THIS is why I created "The Dancing DJ"!

Are you weary from searching online for just the right kind of music to dance to?

Are you eager to dance at home, BUT have no clue what songs were played in class?

Are you feeling frustrated (maybe even a little embarrassed) that you still can't hear the difference between a Foxtrot song and a Rumba beat?

Let me help you take the guess work out of your music selections and give you your time back!

Hosting this (paid) private group allows me to share my skills as a former DJ and ballroom dance instructor.

I'll do the work for you: searching and collecting just the right song links that makes you want to dance, wherever you are! A great collection of Oldies, Contemporary, Classics, Country, and more genres, all under one roof as the saying goes!

Each month I will add 4-5 songs in my group "The Dancing DJ". 

The song links are free! 

Your investment? 

$9/month (billed monthly) for my keen ear for dance music! And, to give you back your time. No more wasting hours searching for songs and second guessing whether the songs you are choosing are the right tempo or not.

And, if you are not completely satisfied with my group at the exceptionally low membership fee of just $9/month - you can cancel at anytime.

Music for Dancing!

> Foxtrot

> Swing

> Waltz 

> Cha Cha


> Tango

> and more!

I'll do the work for you ~ choosing music and song links that inspire you to dance! Oldies, Classics, Contemporary, Country and more!

And, the best news is, You will lock in this rate if you Buy Now; even if the program subscription price increases in the future. 

*You'll need a Facebook Login; and a PayPal account for the recurring monthly payment of $9/month.

*Sorry, no refunds, BUT you can cancel at anytime before your next billing cycle.