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Does this sound familiar?

Your child is a fussy eater but you've been told it's a phase and "they'll grow out of it"?

You feel overwhelmed, guilty, isolated and helpless with the endless struggles at mealtimes?

You want mealtimes to be happy and relaxed - classic family time?

You want optimism for the future that it is possible to feed your children what they need to grow big and strong?

And most importantly you are sick of cooking three different meals each and every night?

Picture this instead...

You know what is for dinner and you know it's just one dish

Your child will sit happily at the dinner table and tell you about their day while you all eat dinner as a family

Your child goes to sleep and wakes up happy because they are eating real food each day

You have a selection of food you know you can send your child to school with that they will eat

What you get


Lots of kid-approved and super simple recipes for the whole family to enjoy

Cheat sheets

Monthly cheat sheets to guide your family on the path to happy eating


Food science experiments to expose your child to food in a fun and pressure-free way


Access to practitioner only supplements with a high kid acceptance rate.


Private online community with a fully qualified and experienced feeding therapist, nutritionist and naturopath to answer all your questions


Delving deep into evidence-based strategies specifically for fussy eaters.

Meal planning

We've got you covered! You'll get your stuff back in the same shape.

But does this approach work?