Many of us are learning to tell a higher story about what it means to be in our later years. What might it mean to tell a higher story in your life? Here is a thoughtful step-by-step process.

Why now: An evolutionary impulse

There is a movement of women experiencing more aliveness, and vitality in their later years. More and more are saying yes to this impulse it seems, to go inward and tap into this incredible storehouse of energy and inner knowing. What if it's an evolutionary impulse?

This impulse may be asking us to start re-telling the stories of our lives into the highest possible versions we can. It calls on us to remember when we have felt most confident in our lives, and to look there for clues about our unique-as-a-snowflake destiny. There is always time for this conversation, it is one we are made for. And we get to do it together! 

Hi, I'm Carissa...While I could call myself a coach, I prefer to say Guide, because a Guide walks alongside you, with a listening ear. It’s your exploration and journey. Your life mission is a sacred trust between you and your higher self. And it can be helpful to have someone along the way. I bring with me a solid foundation, developed through the work of Daniel Goodenough, author of The Caravan of Remembering, with whom I have been studying for over 10 years.

It is important to truly value each other at any age and stage. Our life missions have a place in this world, not matter how outward they appear or inward. This is a conversation for our whole lives, and for all of us.

The perfume of the highest version of your story will be with you. You may feel a sense of peace or the rightness of direction. Watch for this now as you listen or as you tell your story.

 Daniel Goodenough, author of The Caravan of Remembering: A Roadmap to Experiencing the Awakening of your Life's Mission

Golden Thread Life: An invitation to wholeness from Carissa
More than ever, baby boomers embarking on their “third act” are seeking to connect with an impulse to find and live their unique and highest purpose. Yet the path to finding that evolutionary through-line that resides within each of us is often obscured, leaving seekers of that “golden thread” unfulfilled.

Finding that thread and weaving a beautiful tapestry is what founder Carissa Kazyss does with grace and precision for her clients. Her own past laden with hardships and resilience, she earned a Master’s degree in Integral Psychology, and for the past 10 years has led people to discover their Golden Thread Life.

Rooted in the Caravan of Remembering, an enterprise dedicated to the embodiment of life mission, Carissa serves as a Guide to help people draw on their wisdom, experiences, and inner knowing and set them on their higher life path. Using a highly individualized approach, Carissa creates an accepting and exploratory space for you to follow the threads that have most meaning to you, so you can align elegantly with your life's mission. Weave your third act tapestry with Carissa at the https://caravanofremembering.c...

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