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The Grow Me Project Members club opens on 1st March. 

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The Grow Me Project 

I created The Grow Me project to support women who want to work on themselves and their personal, spiritual & emotional growth. This is a safe space of women who all share the same desire to be the best versions of themselves. We help each other along, support each other and cheer for each other. We would love you to come and join us...    

Renu xxx 

What does the membership include?

When you sign up to become a member you receive:
- Unlimited access to a new workshop each month
- 6 months worth of content to watch
- Bi-Weekly group Check in Calls with me
- Coaching Calls with experts 
- A Facebook Community 
- Weekly Live Meditation
- LIVE Lessons and Insights twice a week
- A safe space to grow and learn
- Women who are just like you


Here are all the workshops you can access instantly when you become a member

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