The Lighty Nuggets ✨ Project

We all have those dreams of ours that we want to manifest in our life.

But being human is so beautiful and challenging at the same time that we get caught up in our own stories and, sometimes more than we want, we tend to out those dreams aside.

These days, I am walking away from that path with so much consciousness that I want to share it with you.

Self-awareness and self-development have been part of my life for a while now and I am so astonished that I went down there in order to take action on what needs to be healed, liberated and revealed to me.

One word has came up to me during my spiraling and chaotic breakthrough initiation and it is LOVE.

So I guess, I'll explore all facets of love in order to manifest my wildest dreams. And trust me when I say, there are plenty of them. My biggest challenge is to set up an order for which one I want to bring to life first!