love notes to reality

the little things

season 2

In an environment of bombastic knee-jerk reactions, we could use a little more nuance & attention to the glorious details of daily life. 

What are the little things? Here are a few from past issues!

A long floppy-eared dog sniffing voraciously around the grass before forcefully and joyfully diving headfirst to roll around in it!

Habitually trailing your fingers through a rosemary bush by the sidewalk. Enjoying the lingering scent upon your fingertips.

The exact moment at which street lamps simultaneously come alive at dusk

A young boy clomping energetically past a brand-new Viking Waffles storefront, then doing a double take back to exclaim “WAFFLES!!!”

A little kid in a theater letting out an exuberant "YES!!!" in the middle of the movie! (The good gal conquered the bad guy! Woohoo!)

Tearing the perfect length of double-sided tape and placing it down in perfect evenness without a wrinkle nor a crinkle!

Melancholy music for a melancholy mood

Sinking your fingertips into meltingly soft blanket.

Finding $10 in the pocket of a pair of pants you almost never wear!

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Fern laughing uproariously with delight!

Wait, who are you?

Hullo! I’m Fern!

My mission is to brighten and deepen the energy in the world by living in my joy, expressing from my power, and creating through play and whimsy. the little things is one expression of that. I also act, produce comedy, and design things!