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Finally! You Too Can Get Your Online Course,  Group Coaching Program and your High Ticket Offer Out To The World,

Even When You Suck With Technology!

 Is this you...

Do you want to create your online course, group coaching or your high ticket programs but struggling with technology? All the frontend and backend technical setup needed. We will setup everything you need to with our
Done-For-You Service in the next 30 days

Hey Coaches, Speakers, Consultants and Trainers!

Just imagine you could move your coaching business from one-to-one coaching in less than 30 days with your own automated selling courses, group coaching program, or high ticket offer...

These days, it seems like everyone is creating online courses and programs, and there's no question that these are proven ways to start, scale and grow your coaching business...

Just imagine this...

You could hop on a quick call with someone who can help you lay your course out, structure your ideas and create an offer that sells repeatedly.

A team that will do all the "techy stuff" you don't know, understand or have the time to do yourself.

A team that will cheer you on and hold you accountable getting your content created, and all you have to do is what you're best at... Coach & Receive More Clients with more time freedom in your hands. 

A team who has created, built and launched over 100 online courses and programs in almost every niche. From life coaches, business coaches, fitness coaching and more.

Would you like this?

If you are a Coach, ask yourselves what you are coaching your clients with.

Is it just your one-on-one session where you repeat yourself over and over, or are you selling other people's courses and programs for a small commission? Or you are in the health and fitness industry and ready to join a billion-dollar online fitness industry. Whatever niche or market you are in, we have worked and created online courses and group coaching programs for life coaches, finance coaches, business consultants, speakers, fitness coaches and trainers, bakers, medical professionals and more...

A large percentage of new and established coaches enjoy success with their online courses and programs because they have invested in creating high-ticket courses and group programs that sell even on holidays while spending time with their family and friends.

Special Limited Time Offer With


Only 10 Seats per month as this includes personal one-on-one coaching sessions

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Then we've got you!

✔Are you trying to take your coaching business to the NEXT level from one-to-one to one-to-many with an online courses/programs?

✔ Want to make an impact on people’s lives with your knowledge, skills and your coaching by creating self-education courses and programs? But struggling with editing your video lessons, setting up your hosting platform, creating your content, structuring your offer, creating your landing pages, sale funnels and everything else that you don't know you need.

✔ You just discovered the world of online course businesses and want to start but don’t know where to start and how to create your offers.

✔ Want to do take your business online.

✔ Are you ready to launch your online courses and coaching programs and become known as an expert in your industry?

All the other Course Creators want to teach you how to build your courses by selling you their courses and programs from them, 

but no one teaches you or tells you all about the backend technical stuff needed to launch successfully ...WHY? 

Because they don't know all that is needed or it takes too much time, cost and energy to do this for others.

Well, this it ends HERE. This is what that is what you get with us.




If you are like the rest of my clients and if you are serious about getting your online courses, group coaching programs or your high ticket offer created.

Then I'd like to do something special for you, so here's our Never to Repeat Limited Time Offer.

What you get with our Complete DONE With and For YOU Service?

I will personally provide you with an option for one-on-one personalised coaching or group coaching...

...where I will 

✓Conduct strategic planning, student/customer journey mapping & profitability planning

✓Help you plan out your educational products and services packages, offers and pricing for the best learner experience and maximum profitability

✓Help you to Get Clear On The Problem You Solve

✓ Help you to Identify and update Your Niche 

✓How To Craft Your Message that attracts clients to you

✓Course content planning – helping you choose the right topics for you and your business and the form your course should take for maximum impact and profitability

✓Helping you structure your course, group coaching, high ticket offer and develop the major modules and outline fundamental outcomes and solutions

✓Create a formal curriculum plan and clear, magnetic learning outcomes that have your learners hungry to buy

✓Completely do  ‘all the technical stuff’ required for delivering a world class and highly automated education-based business, with branding,  video editing, guide creation, platform setup, product setup, landing pages, sales funnels, payment gateway and email automations - all done for you!

✓Support you to create your marketing assets for your products, programs and services

I PERSONALLY undertake to provide all the efforts necessary to achieve your goals,  support you with your stress and frustrations, and build online courses that impact humanity with your information.

where are you in your coaching business? 

and what we can do for you with our ...

Special Limited Time Offer With


only 10 Seats per month as this includes personal one-on-one coaching sessions

Click the link below to book your FREE clarity call with the creator and coach

Quote the code in order to claim your limited time offer - OFFDFY02022

They Tested The Complete Done For Service

""Before I started working with Rivaaj, I didn't even think creating an online programme was something I could actually do. From the first call I knew I had chosen the right person to work with because he made me feel very much at ease with this whole process that felt so daunting. He literally helped me take baby steps in building my program, supported me the whole way and made me feel very relaxed. After working with Rivaaj, now I am much more confident speaking in front of the camera and building a picture of the value I want my clients to receive. He helped me visualise and bring this program to life. I definitely couldn't have done this without his expertise. All I had to do was send over my recording s and Rivaaj took care of the rest. This now means that I can create more programs going forward which I am already feeling very excited about! Ideas are just flowing to me and Rivaaj paved the way for that. Thank you so much Rivaaj!"
Jeyanthi Nair

Nutritional Therapist and Founder of SoulNourish

"My experience was absolutely wonderful! I was so impressed with how well he listened, executed and communicated with me throughout the project. He has a sincere passion to meet his client's desires- and I must say, he definitely exceeded my expectations. I’m not only using his services moving forward, but I will gladly refer her to my clients."

Ewa Pietrzak

Abundance Results Six Figure Mindset Coach

"A Million thank you Rivaaj Ramjan from The Online Content Creator for helping to turn my vision into a reality! 🙌 If you’re looking for someone to help you create quality content for your business, work with his hands down. Can't recommend him highly enough."

Michelle N Mendez

PGI Consultant and Mindset Coach

It's time to make a choice.

Do it yourself or Get it DONE with and for you! 

Special Limited Time Offer


only 10 Seats per month as this includes personal one-on-one coaching sessions

Click the link below to book your FREE clarity call with the creator and coach

Quote the code in order to claim your limited time offer - OFFDFY02022

00 Days
00 Hours
00 Mins
00 Secs

Direct coaching from me is normally €5000, and I only take on 5 clients per month at this level. But you, too, can have a Lucrative Coaching Business regardless of What's Going in the World.

It's time to start getting clients to pay you what you are worth, so you can stop trading your valuable time for dollars. It's time to control your future. 

Making this easy for you is the most direct path I know to make an impact and a difference. 

This is a limited time offer because I know not everyone will be decisive enough to take this step.

But for those of you who are ready to scale and grow their coaching business, this offer gives you everything you need to get your course created, built and launched in the next 30 days without all the overwhelming technical challenges you will have or a million pieces to fit together and implement.

What you get in Your Complete Done with Your and for You Service

1# We Start With

✓ One on One Support

One on one support with over 200 hours of coaching, getting your course structured, content ideas, pricing, finding your dream client and more...

2# And Then Focus

✓ Idea! Creating Your Lesson 

 We get working on your content - video, worksheets, guides, landing page script... full support during recording your lessons.

3# We Start Building

✓ Then we start the building process

Full backend tech setup including building your course on a hosting platform like Kajabi, Thinkific, Podia, Graphy or your very own WordPress platform,  video editing, guidebook creation,  landing  pages, payment gateways, e-mail automation and more...

☝️Click on the video to see the original recording before editing.. all my  mistakes ... try not to laugh toooo much!😁

👈☝️Before editing... no branding, no introduction effects, no titles, no background music, mistakes takes and no value..

After Editing👇.. Branding videos, introduction effects, titles, background music, mistakes removed and has value...

4# We End With

✓ Launched with Bonus and Support

We  will get you set to start pre selling even while we are still building. 

Bonus support like sales page setuplanding page setup and 2 months full support or until your course is launched and training and lifetime access to our team..

You will never see an offer like this again, so be sure to grab it NOW!!

They Tested The Complete Done For Service

What You Get In The Complete Done For You Service

STEP # 1: Your Story Attraction Lesson

Finding Your Life Story or Life Lessons is the Key to ATTRACTING Droves of Customers to Your Business.

Example: I set out on my journey to create my first online course, thinking that I could create and have one up and selling in 30 days like all the ads promised. I completed my content in a few days, and then it happened!;... no one told me how difficult it would be to build it with all the technical stuff needed to get my course out there.

Twelve months later, it's 6 am, and I'm sitting curled up in a ball. I was stressed, tired, and feeling way out of my depth at my desk, ready to give up on creating my course when I came across an online advert with a very quirky character talking about all I was going through over the last few months, weeks, days and that night. At the end of his ad, he said, " If you can't do it, then I will". But my first thought was, "here we go again, more money on another coach". But I pushed that monkey out of my head and connected with him, and long story short.... a few weeks later, my course was launched and selling.

And personally, going through this journey, I discovered that my greatest passion comes from helping others create meaningful lives by allowing them to share their passions and life stories through their programs and courses. That's why I became a course creator and coach. To share my story and message that truly matters. So not only do I have meaning in what I do, but I now have a Passion-Based Business doing what I LOVEWhat's your story? What do you Love?

It's time to get your course or group coaching program created now by creating a powerful story, a message, a group and high ticket program and a system that will help you start enrolling clients TODAY and, at the very least, in 30 days or less.

And Now You Need A Guide To Create Your Program and Communicate Your Value To The World, And That Is EXACTLY that's what we cover on our one-on-one sessions at the start.

STEP # 3 : Finally, your sales process.

  • You are all set and on your way to booking your first client with your automated, group and high ticket one to one coaching session, all using the same course or program...

Turn your knowledge, skills, and passion 

into a profitable online course or group coaching business.

Get Your Dreams Started 

There's nothing to lose as we will work with you from start to end to make sure your are 100% satisfied with your service and we never leave during or after. Lifetime access to us 

What you get in Your Complete Done for You Package 

Kill The" LITTLE BITCH" in your mind as this is the last time I will offer something like this that can change your life and business at this price...

  • Start with getting your content ready and structure your course and lessons
  • Design your Life Lessons That Inspires And Attracts Customers
  • Create an automated self-study course, group or your high-ticket Program That Transforms their lives and yours.
  • Complete COURSE CREATION & COURSE TECH SET-UP SERVICES - Full backend setup including building your course on a hosting platform like Kajabi , Thinkific , Learn Words. Sales pages, landing pages, payment gateways, e-mail automations and more... If you want a your own WordPress website to host your course, we got you there too..
  • Start taking control of your future and create more security for you and your family

There are almost over 200 hours of one-to-one Coaching Accompanied with my sessions.

You will never see an offer like this again, so be sure to grab it NOW!!

Special Limited Time Offer With

Our Done with and For Your Service.

only 10 Seats per month as this includes personal one-on-one coaching sessions

Click the link below to book your FREE clarity call with the creator and coach

Quote the code in order to claim your limited time offer - OFFDFY02022

00 Days
00 Hours
00 Mins
00 Secs

* For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

All of the coaches in the client testimonials featured on this page have followed the The Content Creator Coaching strategies to the letter, they got clear on their niche, their course/ program packages, their pricing, their coaching methodology, etc., and have worked intensively to achieve their goals. They invested in advertising and overcame numerous barriers to succeed.

Do not assume that your results will look like theirs. You and your business are different, and so your results will be different.

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