The Peaceful Parent Masterclass

Why your kids won't listen and what you can do about it.

Wednesday 2nd February 2022, 8pm GMT (12pm PST / 3pm EDT)

Here's What You'll Learn

Why traditional ways to manage children’s behaviour with consequences and rewards leads to more problems than it solves

How to make friends with children’s feelings and work with their nervous systems in a way that will lead to more cooperation.

How to use the power of play to bring joy, laughter and cooperation to even the trickiest of stand-offs.

How to resource yourself as a parent so you can keep your cool and respond to your children calmly without shouting and the inevitable guilt that follows. 

When my daughter was a toddler, EVERYTHING was a battle of wills, from mealtimes to getting dressed to turning the screens off. When my second child came along, I quickly felt burnt out and exhausted.

I struggled to respond calmly to my older child’s challenging behaviour. Frustration and yelling became a regular pattern in our family. I was in a turmoil of resentment, anger and guilt - this was not the parent I ever imagined I would be.

3 Steps To More Peaceful Parenting

Befriending  Brain Science

Understanding children's emotions and the brain science of connection is the first step in building cooperation into your family. Children's most basic need is connection and they will do anything to get it. We can use this knowledge to keep our kids' behaviour on-track and build lasting relationships.

Purposeful Play

The language of children is play. It is how they make sense of the world and it is the best way to connect with them. Learn how you can use play to boost connection and cooperation. And don't worry, you don't have to play with your kids for hours on end. Instead, learn how to make the most of the time you do spend together. 

Keeping Your Cool

When we are feeling calm and patient, we are the best parents in the world. But all too often we get tired and frustrated and suddenly we are flooded with emotion. Shouting and guilt are not far behind. It is possible to get the emotional support we need and resource ourselves as parents to be less reactive with our children. The language of children is play

I Love Sharing My Clients' Success Stories

Meet Angelique

Before working with me, parenting was a daily struggle, she felt overwhelmed and frustrated.

The only way she could get her 7 year old child to do homework was threatening to take away their Switch, and that didn’t feel right to her.

Here is what she said:

"Pamela is an amazing and caring coach! She models giving the support needed to practice the tools."

- Sarah, mum of two boys

"I now have the tools to make the relationship with my children so much better and manage big emotions."

- Aoife, solo mum of three

"Incredibly helpful, made me look at things from a different perspective and try new tools I will always use in the future."

- Paul, dad of a 4yo

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