As we gear up for the last half of the year it's important that you elevate your communication skills and seize the opportunity to take your ideas, products, or services to unparalleled heights of success. Join us now and open the door to a world of possibilities!

Here's What's on the Agenda:

Day 1: Craft a Captivating Media Pitch: Learn the secrets of crafting a magnetic media pitch with a compelling narrative that instantly captivates, ignites curiosity, and demands media attention.

Day 2: Tailor Your Media Pitch for Maximum Effectiveness: Discover the key to reaching diverse audiences with finesse. Learn to adapt your media pitch to different outlets, ensuring each one resonates deeply and generates maximum impact. 

Day 3: Nail the Delivery of Your Media Pitch: Become a storytelling virtuoso! Explore the art of delivering your narrative with thought-provoking language that captivates the media's hearts and minds. Understand how the media thinks, and turn that knowledge into your greatest asset.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're not able to attend the class LIVE, it WILL be recorded. 

Why Should You Take this Challenge?

Meet Your Host, Candice Nicole | 

Founder + CEO of Candice Nicole Public Relations


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