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Female Athletes have Super Powers!

If you exercise on purpose, you are an athlete. It doesn't matter if that exercise involves training for a sport or hitting the gym for a sweat sesh. You choose to move and train your body for a specific outcome and that makes you an athlete.

But what most of society doesn't tell us is that female athlete need to train differently than our male counterparts. Also, we need to incorporate more than our daily training in order to meet our performance goals. We need to consider injury and recovery, nutrition, mobility, mental health, our cycles, and the everyday stress we encounter. We need a balanced training plan to truly be our best!

The Playground a place for you to find that balance. To learn simple approaches to reaching your goals that go beyond the sports-specific training. To play with movement and nutrition, and to better understand the changes that we're all going through as we move through puberty, menopause, and all of the transitions in between, and how to cultivate the super powers we have in each season.

It's a place to connect with others who are ready to train on their terms, without the BS messaging we get online about what is best, and instead with child-like curiosity (and the benefit of a lot more experience) so that we can create a balanced training plan that is specific for us.

What You'll Find Inside

  • A private community web platform and mobile app that is fun to hang out on and where you can join separate circles to dial in your play and find other members near you and with similar interests.
  • A new focus every month to keep it fresh, keep us exploring, and help you to live your best life
  • Monthly member calls to help you connect with others in our community and get your questions answered. We also host movement sessions, nutrition lessons, virtual game nights, book clubs, slumber parties, webinars, and other fun ways for you to learn new skills and try new things
  • A growing library of resources and courses designed for teens, women of 35, and parents of all ages to help us through all of the transition years and help us build a foundation of health at any age.
  • A supportive and friendly community who are ready to start living life on their terms and create their own rules
  • Interest-Specific clubs and spaces for us all to learn together and support one another.
  • A totally customizable community where you decide what you see, follow who and what you want to and basically choose your own adventure. This is not another Facebook group
  • Member discounts on 1:1 coaching with The Playground founder Beth Jones and more

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Set up yourself and your teen with a foundation of health and wellness, body confidence, and lifelong success designed to help your meet your athletic goals. - and stop dumping time and money on wellness plans that don't work and that you don't like. Instead, explore the movements and foods that help balance your training, and gain a community to keep you accountable towards your goals!

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