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The Playground

Our mission: To build a new kind of community for t(w)eens and moms

When we were younger, we went to the playground to meet and make friends, escape into a new world through play, and even learn some new things. As we became moms, we brought our kids back to the playground often seeking the same support once again, but this time with a community of other parents. And as our kids become teens, they are often found back at their connecting with friends and making new ones.

The Playground a place for us to unwind. To foster a connection between our teens and ourselves. To learn simpler approaches to health and how to start living a more fulfilled life - wherever we are on that journey. To explore movement as play, and to better understand the changes that we're all going through as we move through puberty, menopause, and all of the transitions in between.


A space for t(w)eens, a space for moms, and a space for all of us to connect to learn about how to implement healthy habits together.


Each month brings new opportunities to focus on one tenant of health. Educational webinars, books clubs (for all ages), opportunities to move, game nights and more.

Simple Solutions to Health for All Ages



We're just getting started! Join our community and help build a new kind of support network for teens and moms.



A growing library of resources, videos, and courses designed for teens, women over 35, and parents of all ages to keep you growing.



Set up your teen with a foundation of health and wellness, body confidence, and lifelong success, with support & accountability.

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