The Queen Of Healths #FUNKY5 Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

Hey Big Blender!

My #funky5 smoothies are a nutritional power house to equip your body on busy manic days, busy workouts and life's stressful situations. To get the best from your fruit and veggies and ensure you hit your 10 a day The Queen Of Health has designed the #funky5 to reset your body and re energise those tired cells.


    Benefits of drinking Smoothies


    Drinking the recommended 6-8 glasses of water can seem daunting but with smoothies, you’re already part of the way there.

    We can get some of our water intake from our food and this includes smoothies, not least because lots of fruits and vegetables are quite rich in water.​

    Stay Fuller For Longer

    If you find yourself snacking because you never feel full, the fiber in fruit or veg based smoothies could be your new best friend!

    Avocado is one example of a smoothie that will leave you sated until lunchtime and curb your urge to snack and you only need half an avocado to get its benefits.

    Reduces Cravings

    I’ve talked about the fact that smoothies help you to feel fuller and the knock on effect of this is that you’ll have far fewer cravings for snacks and junk food.

    For example, drinking a protein rich smoothie to start the day is the perfect way to stop cravings and keep your appetite in check until your next meal. This will help a lot with your goal of being in shape!

    Better Digestion

    Have you tried “Green smoothies”? This is the kind of smoothies were you blend fresh leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, celery or collard.

    These greens in particular are alkaline foods so they are your best bet to counteract the discomfort of acid reflux and heartburn.​

    Boosts Your Immunity

    Fruits and vegetables are a great source of nutrients and antioxidants for good health but some are proven to increase your immunity.

    Adding sweet potato to your smoothies isn’t just a way to make them taste nice; the beta-carotene that they contain is an immunity booster.

    Nichola Flood

    The Queen Of Health 

    Like most of us I was challenged by my health to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I had two choices, keep going the way I was feeling tired, depressed, over weight and unfit or make changes to empower a better life and make the most out of this body I was given. “If you don’t look after your body you will have nowhere to live”

    The key focus for me is to listen to my clients and give them the tools to prepare for change which are tailor made for each individual.

    This allows for positive mind changing experiences with long term results in their overall health. Nichola’s in Training and Education coupled with a Diploma in Nutritional Coaching enables her to collaborate with her clients to develop strategies for success. Whether you are trying to lose weight, get fit or just want more energy, eating well can make you feel amazing, which in turn prepares you for life’s many challenges.

    My programmes go beyond healthy eating. Changing your lifestyle starts from within, by exploring the causes of negative thought patterns and using positive affirmations to set realistic goals.