Birth Of A Royal Wife by Anita L. Freeman

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Birth of A Royal Wife tells of Anita’s journey of going from tragedy to triumph. You'll read how she endured the loss of a child and a husband, but learn how she healed from it all. Anita allowed vulnerability to replace her availability for God’s perfect will in her life. You could also be that person that suffers from depression without even knowing. After reading this book you too can make the decision like Anita to get your life back and reign like the queen God designed you to be.


She's an author, serial entrepreneur, and wife mentor. In spite of the many obstacles that life has thrown her way, she is full of ambition. As the founder of Royal Wives Club, Anita enjoys helping married women identify their purpose in marriage. Anita believes when you identify your purpose in your marriage, you are able to fulfill your role as your husband’s wife. She has created a network of married women who enjoy enlightening, encouraging, and empowering each other to reign royally as the queen God designed you to be.

My greatest battle became my greatest victory.

By Anita

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about Birth of A Royal Wife

“This book is raw and insightful! It was also relatable and I found myself correlating the books to events that have occurred in my life. A must read!!” - P. Hutt 


“Once I opened up the book, I couldn’t put it down until the end. Very inspirational to the readers. The transparency of the author into a personal account of her life, made me love her story even more. Thank you and God bless you for sharing your story. You are a true Phoenix. I’m waiting on the next book you will write.” - S. Johnson

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