The Self-Image Makeover

A seven-day introductory guide to self-compassion, discovery, and acceptance.

No need to feel guilty for putting yourself first and wanting to become the best version of yourself.

Mark your calendar!

During the seven days, you will:

  • Get daily affirmations to jump start your mindset shift
  • Journaling prompts and tasks to begin your journey of self-compassion
  • Gain insight into what you truly need in order to feel good about yourself.

In just one week, you will have more awareness of how you treat yourself, have the ability to quickly recognize and shut down negative self-talk and show yourself some compassion because you deserve it. A great start to a positive and glowing self-image journey.

Your Coach


Hey girl! I'm Nicole Webster, Self-Care Coach, and Professional Makeup Artist.  I am a mompreneur, self-love/body positive advocate, and on a mission to build a sisterhood of confident, deserving, beautiful women.

My goal is to help you value yourself enough to prioritize your self-care and start operating out of a place of worth. It starts with acknowledgment, forgiveness, and compassion; which The Sefl-Image Makeover will guide you through over the next seven days. It's time to start honoring your truth, beauty & desires. 

Featured in Dote Magazine

Issue #10, all about body positivity and inclusivity. Honoured to have shared my body image story, how I continue to overcome negativity and what I love about being in my skin. 

Compassion is the seed you plant that blossoms self-love

Nicole Webster