Make yourself a priority in your life and 

give yourself what you need. 

Focus, upskilling, relaxation, or education, you can make your life easier with a new, supportive circle of friends. They'll help you to lift and become the fabulous, capable, confident woman you want to be. 

Single women like us have never struggled as much as we are, nor have we been so alone. 

As if our lives weren't bad enough, t
he Covid pando's made all the issues we had before, even worse.  Our options have become even more limited, and we're watching our futures slip away. 

And, it's got us separated from those who can help us in the ways we need. As if all those "quiet weekends" we've had all alone weren't enough, now we've got mandatory restrictions keeping us apart and home on our own.

If we're honest, a lot of the life we've been living hasn't been good for us.
For $48/month AUD you can get help transforming your life. 

Old friends aren't always all they're cracked up to be.

We're coming out like a phoenix! Having new, positive, sympathetic friends there to talk to, and confide in can be so freeing! They don't know us or our family, or circle of friends, and that level of buffering can help us to open up, let our hair down, and speak our minds, perhaps for the first time.

It's what you'll find here, new friends who are available when we need them, not when they can be.

Our real life friends are busy with their husbands, and children; homeschooling and working from home take all their energy and we don't factor into their time as much as we used to.

It's time to do for ourselves what we hoped would happen organically. We thought that by doing what we were taught, that our life would come together perfectly.  We'd get a job we love, have a great home life, friends to socialise with, meet the perfect guy at the right time, and live happily ever after. 

But for whatever reason, some, or all of that, didn't happen. 

We can't blame that on the pando because all this isolation has given us plenty of time to look back and reflect. We know that even if the pando hadn't come along, we'd still be living that life we had before, treading water and hoping for the best. 

So, one thing's for sure, we want to come out of this better than we went into it! Right? Right!  

And what about the actual things which have been holding you back?

What if there was a supportive group of women keen to help you achieve what you want?
The Successfully Single membership is what you need.

Does it feel like all the crappy things that could happen, do, one after the other?

And while you’re dealing with issues piling up, you see opportunities go by because you can't grab them. Sucks doesn’t it?

I know. But I’ve got you.

My work with many Single women, involving hours upon hours of conversation, over the years have highlighted two main issues for Single women:

  • having no-one around or being too embarrassed to ask for help doing things that take more than one person
  • not having a close circle of Single women to call on who understand what they’re going through.

If we’d foreseen the problems we’re having now, when we were young, we might’ve made different decisions about our jobs and such. But we didn’t. Instead, we’re here now, ready to make lemonade out of lemons.

And, I’m here to help you pick the best lemons, and the best vodka to go with it!

How would it feel to be grounded, independent and content,
effortlessly attracting people into your life?

The feeling of being a grown up, strong, capable, happy woman who can handle what comes her way eludes a lot of us, but it doesn’t have to.

How would you love living the life you’ve imagined, so that when people ask you about it, you’re happy to tell them? Or when you share it on social media, you're not faking it?

You can be the one choosing how to spend your time, going on holidays, celebrating milestones, because you’ve got your work life sorted and you’ve a life beyond that!

Picture a woman you admire. How far away from that imaginary woman's life do you think yours is? I'm here to tell you that the gap can be narrowed, and I can help you do it!

I’ve mentored women like you to bring out their best in life, love and business.

That means enjoying your day, your nights, AND your weekends! And that can be your life!

The Successfully Single Sisterhood is:

- A community of supportive women sharing life’s highs and lows in a private Facebook group.

- Daily opportunities to talk about your life, seek advice from other Single women, and talk about the topics which mean the most to you right now. The women in the group have experiences of their own, and some of them will be a lot like yours. Get shit off your chest and talk it out.

- Expert talks to give you the advice you didn’t know you needed, to sort your health, dating, finances, all the things that will move you forward to the life you want.

- Videos, downloads, activities and more

Fresh opportunities every week! 

- You’ll cover a new topic every week, to address all the ways you can design your life to be fabulously, successfully Single! 

- You’ll get support from me and the other women who share your aims so you’ll learn and grow in a supportive space.

- We’ll regularly gather on Zoom to virtually ‘meet’ each other. You won’t want to miss this opportunity for connection with women like you.

- You'll have access to experts who are passionate about nurturing you as a Single woman, to live your best life. You'll be supported in your commitment to take action in your life, to start achieving the life goals you’ve craved for so long.

Your investment

The time you put into yourself now is possibly the most important of all.  Have you been moseying through life, seeing others succeed, and even helping them to do so, while letting your own life slide? You know it’s important to get cracking.

Participation in the weekly Zoom call is vital. If you want to get the most from the membership, this is your chance to engage with experts and your Sisters in Success on the topic of the week.

You deserve to be surrounded by strong women who are all raising the stakes in their own lives, day by day, dream by dream.

You've recognised that you need this Sisterhood; invest in yourself and jump in wholeheartedly.

The membership is priced at $48/month AUD and it includes:

  • private Facebook community of likeminded women
  • regular Zoom calls on the week's topic
  • expert talks
  • access to video tutorials, resources and more.

Members receive discounted prices for in-person events/workshops, as well as VIP access to ticketing.

This is what your head and heart have been asking for. It's your chance to get to know other Single women who understand your life, and who will encourage you as you become the fulfilled, confident woman you want to be.

You don't have to come out of Covid even further behind than you were at the start.

My commitment to you

As long as you want to be in this Sisterhood*, you’re welcome to be. Your membership includes lifetime access to the membership materials. This means all the resources (vids, eBooks, PDFs etc) I provide in the Facebook group, and regular emails, tips and tricks.

We’re sisters now, and that’s a lifelong bond.

Who am I and why can I help you?  

Previously, she was unhappy with her dating life, having gone along with suggestions guys made, only to regret them later.

Recently, she told me about a date she'd had. She met the guy online. He proposed a place to meet, but instead, she suggested they meet at a busy park. 

As they talked, she became uncomfortable by his story, and cut the date short. At home, she did some research and found out even more about him, which made her feel very glad that she'd met him somewhere public.  

She’s been in my women’s circle for a while where I’ve been sharing dating safety information. It helps Sarah, and the other women, to make better choices so they can get home safely, and feel good about themselves and the guys they’ve chosen to date.

Sarah was rapt she’d learned she could take more control of her dating habits, and that the date worked out much better than it could have. She’s unharmed and ready to go on more dates, to hopefully find her prince!

Belinda was in a stressful, dead-end corporate job and felt stuck, as though it would never end and her life would never improve. 

She found us and took the step of joining our community of like-minded women. Being around women who knew what it was like to be unhappy, and feel like the odds were against her helped her to 

feel supported, and that a different life could be achieved. 

She says she now feels open to new opportunities that she would not have imagined taking, previously.

Belinda's taking small steps and learning ways she can make changes to her life, if she wants to.  She has options that she didn't have before, and that's really important.

I'm so proud of how we worked together to tackle these challenges. I'm all about easing the way for amazing women to achieve fabulous things so they feel fulfilled and accomplished.

Join the Successfully Single Sisterhood if you

  • recognise that you’ve been living a half-life, and that you need help to get through every day life. 
  • your dreams and desires are on the back burner while you support others in their lives or mosey through yours
  • no longer want to be the bridesmaid; it’s your turn to step into the spotlight
  • want to achieve a better life for yourself
  • know that you'll benefit from being nurtured and supported by a fabulous sisterhood of Single women who have your back, as you’ll have theirs.
  • look back on times when you've missed opportunities that you didn't take
  • feel that your life goals are slipping through your fingers and if you don't act now, you'll be living a long life of disappointment and regret
  • are sick of seeing others live the life while you make do with second best

Why now? Come on, you know it's time.

You've thought about your future and it's not going to turn out the way you dreamed unless you make some changes.  Your day to day life can start improving right now.

It's not too late.

You deserve a great life and you owe it to yourself to put in some effort to achieve it.

The doors are open and you're welcome to join, and get the most from this exciting new Sisterhood. 

My members say:-

Marie-Louise, you are very present and personable, and I like how you always take the time to answer just about every comment from a group member.  I get a feeling of reliability, that you are there for us when we are ready – like a constant stream of steady support to turn to. 

Also, you are not afraid to be totally upfront and share your own vulnerabilities (as opposed to some coaches who are living the unattainable “perfect life” and it feels like they are talking down to us). By being there with us, it helps us to feel seen / heard.


Nothing is worse than feeling like you are the only one out there who is in this situation. I'm ok with being alone, but totally not ok with being seen as unworthy of respect because of my circumstances. There must be heaps of people out there like me! 



Can I come in and have a look around while I decide?
Nope. That might be how you’ve been living (I know I was, until I pulled my shit together) but if you’re dipping your toe in this pond now, it’s time to jump right in and enjoy the benefits. Don’t look left or right, just straight ahead. Or, I’ll see you when you’re ready a bit later on.

Does this mean I'll be forever Single? Will this stop me from meeting a guy? 
Nope! Taking the focus off a lack of a guy and putting it onto the presence of yourself and the fabulousness which can be your life means you'll be more likely to live a happy life whether you've a guy in it or not! Love the stage you’re in. Making the most of the stage you’re in doesn’t mean you can’t progress to another one later on but it means you’ll be getting more out of life right now.

What happens if I meet a guy and I'm no longer Single? 
You're welcome to stay as long as you like.  The value you'll be gaining from this community will support you through your dating and your relationships and continue to benefit your whole life as a woman. And don't forget, we welcome you to share your insights with other women. 

How does the payment thing work?
When you sign up, you'll begin a regular recurring payment which will be deducted from your account monthly. I don't see your bank account details, the third party (Square) takes care of all of that.

What happens if my bank account zeroes and I miss a payment?
I’m reasonable and I’ve been there, send me a PM and we’ll figure something out. However, it's not time to fart around. Commit to yourself and to your own future, by setting your bank to pay monthly, and not missing a payment.  Repeated skips will result in removal from the Sisterhood, and return will be at the listed price at that time. 

What if I want to leave? 
You can! I'll be devo to lose you, but oh so happy that you're making decisions for yourself and following through with them. You can cancel the payment which will prompt your exit from the Sisterhood, and start the rest of your life. And, if you change your mind, you'll be welcome to rejoin at whatever the entry rate is at that time.  

It's over to you!