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Dear Photographers...

I've been there. Heck, I'm STILL there.

I'm a one-woman show, trying to do ALL THE THINGS... without losing my mind in the process.

I've been running The Suitcase Studio for over TEN years now, but it wasn't till the last couple years that things *FINALLY* clicked into place.

Because most clients DON'T get it... the hours and HOURS you spend in the back-end of things, not only editing + placing orders, but all the prep work, the communications, the marketing, etc. All the the not-so-fun stuff that goes into running a business...  making you work well into the night, and give up your weekends, because you're a one-woman-show and you HAVE to get it done! (Which can lead to stress, overwhelm, and quite a few crying fits.)


I've figured out a few tricks along the way, to help you keep your sanity. 

My contracts have been built upon all the "oops" that happened, that I never wanted to happen again.

My questionnaires are designed to connect with my clients, get info to help customize each session, and get the CLIENTS excited about it all, too.

I've got sooooo many email templates in place, for each type of client, walking them through the entire process with just a push of a button each time I want to send. (Psssttt... including one simple "trick" in my first "reply to new inquiry" email that has quadrupled my booking rate!)

And I've learned what to say + NOT say to clients, to how to prep them for the BEST photo session ever, get great poses (without them even realizing I'm posing them), and offer a custom experience so that even the GUYS are saying "that was FUN" after we're done!

So, here's the deal... 

I want to help you learn from my mistakes, and get your systems in place MUCH faster than I did. Because the "GREAT CLIENT EXPERIENCE" that sooooo many people come back year after year for? Yeah. It's not only for THEM, but for ME, too

These steps, procedures, and SYSTEMS I have in place are what keep me on track + free up my time for more important things. 

So I'm gearing up to share my "secrets" with you... sharing my workflows, email sequences, contracts, client interactions, and soooooo much MORE! 

And I'll be launching with a small BETA GROUP, who will not only get it ALL at a crazy low price, but will have direct contact with me to get questions answered, have input on what I create next, and get additional freebies and discounts along the way.


Just drop in your email address below and you'll get FIRST SHOT at getting in to the Beta Group when it launches soon!