6 weeks to unleash the YOU that you uncovered while abroad, utilizing the truths you discovered through travel experiences, finally understand what they've been trying to tell you, and ultimately realize that your adventure has just begun.

What if your adventure and discoveries didn’t have to end the moment you set foot back home?

What if your experiences, truths, lessons, and realizations that you gained while you were abroad were just the premise of a bigger project, creative venture and embodiment of those life changing travel moments, or message left to uncover?

You know... Down to your core that life is so much more than living in a rat race of constant competition for work positions, and feeling that others have a say over how you feel about your life, and what you should focus on now that “you’re back” from traveling.

You’re constantly given a slew of tips from the travel gurus, your family, friends, and others on ways to readjust back home, and get back “into the real world.” But what even is that? And who says their definition of the real world has to be yours, too?

You're feeling...

- Somewhat lost and disoriented for either not being able to “snap back” with your social groups and family circles like before.

- That part of you can’t and doesn’t want to simply come back to fitting into the person you used to be before your travels.

- Like you’re experiencing a shift in yourself that you just can’t put your finger on, and it’s often difficult to put into words when you’re talking to others about it.

- An awareness that life and happiness is much more than what society has told you all along, and you’re ready to dive into your travels and uncover the magic that is waiting to be unleashed by you, right now!

I feel you! It can be a difficult moment to go through, but I want you to know that your travels were just the start of something big you’re about to uncover…

If you could...

Fully live in the version of who you were when you were traveling; feeling inspired by the world - big and small, feeling free and energized by this knowing of what life is meant to be with every corner your turned, as if you were literally stepping into the person you were meant to be, no matter what others say and want to convince you of otherwise. What would that mean for you?

“This allure, this power to make us question whether perhaps our identity, our destiny, has more potential than we previously thought before stepping foot in this magical foreign land” - Kylie Flavell

Hey TRAVELER, I see you there...

You’re a traveler soul who is ready to reignite that feeling of excitement of wandering the world, finding a way to continue living in the truths that you discovered through your personal travel experiences, and finally step into that version of yourself, at home and anywhere!

So you’ve spent some time traveling the world, visiting breathtaking places, and throughout the journey, you experienced unique situations that have allowed you to uncover bits of pieces of who you truly are, and what you’re meant to do in life - Your purpose.

And maybe that’s not clear to you now, because your thoughts and emotions are making it hard to clearly think about how you can possibly turn your travel feels and experiences into something real and bigger, anywhere.

You’re SO ready to...

- Feel the adrenaline rush again, experience the touch of curiosity, and the wonder of learning something bigger than yourself because you know that deep down, that is what makes you feel the most alive!

- Actually FEEL that you’re living your life along with your truths that you discovered while traveling versus what the online blogs and those around you tell you how to.

- Have that firm KNOWING that you are on your own path that involves the things you love (without caring what others think!)

- Gain the confidence you need to fully step into your travel soul even when you’re not traveling

- Understand the importance of the experiences you encountered, felt, and saw, and that it was all a journey that you were meant to experience personally, so that the story and inspiration could be shared through YOU.

- Gain clarity once and for all of what your travels have taught you, and have an understanding of what that means for you going forward (hint hint: a lifestyle and new philosophy that feels RIGHT to you!)

….and y’all this is just the start.



Are you ready to finally step into your travel soul, here and everywhere, who believes that anything is possible, and feels like once and for all they can live in the truths they discovered while abroad?

But wait, who am I??

Hey there! I’m Maritza

I’m a mindset and travel manifestation coach and blogger who is here to tell you that not only can you continue living in the travel version of yourself at home and everywhere, but it’s necessary. It’s time to dive deep into your travel moments, lessons, and realizations in order to uncover what your truth is for yourself, and what that means for you going forward.

I thoroughly believe that our travel experiences and truths are just the beginning for something even bigger that we are supposed to create. A deeper message, a truth, a creative venture, something that needs further exploration and that needs to come to life through us as the traveler...are you wondering what that is for you?

And here’s the thing

When it comes to feeling good, feeling like you’re channeling your wanderlust self, ideas, perception, and behavior, it’s not about “snapping back” into reality when you arrive back home. It’s about making it your reality, anywhere you go, anyone you’re with. It’s innate. And it’s waiting to be uncovered.

I see you there...

Trying to fight between two realities; the one you are told to get back to and the one you know is the one you desire to live forever in.

Deep down, I know that there’s something you’ve always wanted to try. A blog? A YouTube channel? The next mindful and conscious travel movement? A community reuniting travelers in your city? Or uniquely something that represents your travel experiences and feels right to you. Because y’all! You’ve got a message! Multiple actually, and it’s time to let them be known. It’s time to let yourself know just how capable you are of this. Just as you were capable of traveling far and wide, you’re capable of channeling that message and pouring it into something for yourself and others as a source of inspiration and passion for what means the most to you.

Like, can we just imagine for a moment what it would be like...

- Knowing that your power comes from your travel experiences, personal truths and realizations, which are 100% valid and valuable!

- Actually understanding that those moments of alignment that you felt on your travels have so much GOOD in them, and working on them a bit more can result in your creative travel message through a... blog, YouTube channel, your IDEA however that manifests!

- That you, yes you! You can continue living in the excitement, thrill, complete freedom of living in your truth here, abroad, anywhere with the understanding that your travel experiences are yours, and it’s a matter of reframing your thoughts to believe in this more firmly.

- And of course, once and for all understand that reverse culture shock doesn't have to define your return and taint you negatively - it is simply a cluster of emotions that you can TOTALLY redirect into positive motivation and energy towards creating your powerful message, and I’m totally going to guide you through this, and everything else!

Real talk...

Those lightbulb moments, those city views that took your breath away and opened your eyes to an abundance of beauty, those pinch me moments when you realized mid-conversation just where you were and what you were doing, those moments that you spent listening to someone’s story were all things you were meant to experience and process.

Travel is always said to expand the mind, but what’s the point if, when we come back from these life changing travel experiences, we’re told to return to the “real world” and go back to a routine we once wanted to leave? Especially knowing there was so much more to see and learn from out there?

You’re meant for more, and you know this.

You felt called to travel for a reason, and actually went through it with it’s magic and often non-glamour, but you did it, and that makes you a part of the rare ones that actually do commit to their dreams. It’s no accident that you felt what you felt, saw what you saw, and understood what you came to realize. It’s time to uncover all your ideas and truths and see them flourish even more in the way it’s meant to.

The details

Inside of the 6 weeks together, we are going to go deep into not only your travel experience, stories, and “aha” moments, but also what they mean for you by and how to continue to live by them by:

1. Giving you the building blocks and important mindset practices to help you unlock the possibility and potential of living in your abundant travel state, like all the time.

2. Work one on one with you personally to identify your message and the way that most fits your style and preference to bring it to life.

There are a total of 3 video modules that will be delivered in the first 3 weeks, each week going live inside the group and answering all questions to gain clarity on how this can work for you. The last 3 weeks will be one on one coaching with me, and working together on your creative venture.

Here’s how the 6-week Traveler Soul Creative is going to go down…

Week 1


Mindset - this is where we will break down and shine a light on those stories that we often overlook, and in the past, have kept us from really reaching out and seeing that our dreams are within reach, and that it’s no accident that you want the things that you want.  We will kick off the first week with the first module on Monday the 13th, and then going LIVE inside our program Facebook group to answer any and all questions and to help tease out what those stories are for you uniquely. We will dive into what your travel experiences were, what made them feel the way they did, and shed some light on what feels right for you to see fit as a creative embodiment of your worldly adventures. 

Week 2


Just as travel has the magic to shake up our reality and previous perception of things, week 2 is aimed to do just that. We are about to really understand the potential that you hold through simply shifting your thoughts and unlocking a world of possibilities, along with establishing what you already knew deep down: you can and should totally continue living in your NEW TRAVEL TRUTH.

Week 3

The Embodiment of Your Travels

Your travel experience is the foundation for your next venture, and together we will work to tease out the main underlying reflections of your travels, what they meant for you, and how to pour that into a creative venture that feels right for you. This is the part that we start to see your innermost realizations, truths, and philosophies acquired through travel, come to life in a physical way, and it is just as beautiful as it sounds!

Weeks 4-6

Bringing the feels and the embodiment of your travels into fruition

The last half of the program will be one on one coaching with me throughout the process, answering your questions and working with you to bring your travel truths into fruition! We will literally be working on developing that creative venture, and bringing into fruition something that feels like your travel truths, lessons, and experiences coming to life.  

Plus some bonuses to REALLY amp up that dose of adrenaline adventure…

Bonus #1 (valued at $600)

Community is SO important and supporting one another in this transformational journey is an essential component of your overall success! This program will include a private, and safe members only Facebook group and group chat where we will all come together to support, interact with one another, and a place to connect with me and where I can answer any and all questions relating to the modules and anything else that comes up!

Bonus #2 (valued at $800)

(6) weekly group coaching calls as a collective to answer any questions you may have about the modules, your process, and/or share your wins and breakthroughs along the process! This is a time to come together as the like minded group we are and talk about all things travel truths, biggest lessons, and the creativity process!

Bonus #3 (valued at $900)

(4) One on one coaching calls with me, which is our chance to work more closely together and really dive on a deep and individual way what your travel experiences mean for you, how to work through the stage where you’re currently at, and how to pour those important, life changing moments into building your creative venture (AKA the pure embodiment of your travel truths) that will literally set your soul on fire!

Bonus #4 (valued at $500)

During our time together, I really want you to understand the importance of this journey you’re on to finally uncover your newly acquired perceptions, and why it matters to bring them out once and for all. Each week you will receive an email from me with added motivation, support, to keep you reminded of all that’s about to open up for you.

Bonus #5 (valued at $450)

Supporting PDF guides and worksheets to help you further enhance your process and understanding of mindset shifts and the reframing of living your truths here, and everywhere.

I’m telling you, you’s about to get super clear, supportive, powerful, exciting, and adventure-filled up in here! Your own creative, strong, and inspiring travel experiences embodied into a creative project that gives life to these lessons and you as the creator! GUYS, we are going to relive so many travel moments, even the ones you forgot about….

The only question left is...are you ready to bring your travel truths and message into life?

The truth is...

You traveled for a reason that goes deeper than what you may think, and you experienced the things you did and came back with those ideas for a reason. The reason why you may feel like there’s something off right now and each time you come back from your travels, is because the adventure is simply not over, despite what others around you may keep telling you.

The moment you settle back into your space, often times in what feels like in the (dis)comfort of your home, you realize that there’s something else that’s left to be done. Like you’re here physically, but your mind and heart are still exploring and there’s something to be said about this. It’s not just that you miss being abroad, it’s something that goes beyond that.

By the end of our 6 weeks together, you will have...

Experienced what it is like to completely view your travels in a way that will LITERALLY always keep giving back to you and serving you in such a freeing way full of possibility - even when you’re not traveling!

Come to the powerful conclusion that your travels are just beginning, and you’ll have a crystal clear road-map of what that looks like for you in a creative way, and how to continue that far beyond when the program comes to an end!

How to “repurpose” your experiences abroad into a creative outlet that is beneficial and fun for you, and inspiring towards others. This is a time for ultimate exploration and to reconvene the two versions of you (pre and post travel) in order to move forward in your personalized path to success!

Begun the journey of understanding your emotions, and where you stand now as travelers, with newly acquired knowledge, understanding, and clarity on yourselves, your calling, passions, and path towards personal success.

Gained a clarity of what your travels taught you, and that you were meant to experience what you did.

Unlocking a world of possibilities when it comes to travel transformation, how to bring that back “home” and how to keep living in it and stepping into that version of you today, and every day.

Be so sure of yourself (i’m talking about a new level of confidence in your experiences) that no one can ever make you feel bad for living in your travel truths!

Understanding the importance of the experiences you encountered, felt, and saw, and that it was all a journey that you were meant to experience personally, so that the story and inspiration could be shared through YOU.

A project that you feel SO freaking good about that is a complete reflection of your travel experiences, truths, and realizations.

Ready to dive back into your travels in a way that’s about to shake up your world, and bring your travel truths into physical form?

Your investment:

As the foundational round for the Traveler Soul Creative, I will be offering this program at a discounted rate. However because of the tremedous value of this program, the price will increase in future launches.

Pay in full

1-time investment of $497

*Prices listed in USD*

The Traveler Soul Creative is currently CLOSED for registration. Join the waitlist below to be notified when it opens up in mid/late summer 2022


Payment plan

3 weekly payments of $187

*Prices listed in USD*

The Traveler Soul Creative is currently CLOSED for registration. Join the waitlist below to be notified when it opens up again for another exciting round in 2022.

What happens next?

Woo hoo! Let me have the honor of being the first to congratulate you on your decision to continue to live your life on your terms! We are about to do some amazing transformations!

After choosing your payment option, you will be sent an email with all the details including official start date, how to set yourself up for success in the next 6 weeks, and ways to contact me throughout the duration of the program.

Additionally, you will be receiving an invite to join the private Facebook group, where you can start introducing yourself and get adjusted to before officially starting. Here you’ll be able to start meeting and interacting with other beautiful souls and new BFF’s who are ready to also start feeling EXCITED and GOOD about their creative ventures and overall shifts!

From here on out, I am your coach and I CANNOT wait to get to know you and your travel truths in the next 6 weeks! I know that big things are coming for you, and I just feel so honored to help you on this journey.


What can I expect from you as my coach?

As someone who has been through this experience personally, I can firmly tell you I am committing myself to be here for you. I know what it’s like to come back from a trip and just not feel understood or worse yet, have no one to talk to about your travel experiences and broadened understanding of the world and yourself, and know where to go from there.

I want you to know that as your coach, I will show up and help you in this pivotal moment in your journey, and I will share with you what I learned in my personal journey and anything else you’d want to pick my brain in as far as my emotional transformation to where I was to where I am now.

I want to see you succeed, and I know that for me, working on my mindset the way I will show you all to work on yours, will really help you in really stepping into your path to success and believe that you can truly feel that excitement you feel when you travel - anywhere and everywhere.

How will the modules be delivered to me?

The modules will be hosted inside our program Facebook group for easy access to you on a week by week basis, and you will receive an email notification that will tell you when the next module is available to view and work on, as well as a link to the module. It is a total of 4 video modules.

How much of a time commitment is needed to complete the program?

The program itself is 6 weeks long, but on a weekly basis, you pretty much put into it as much as you’d like to. Some weeks will take a couple of hours and others maybe less. Since the program is split between modules and one on one coaching and working on your creative idea, the modules I’d say will take 1-2 hours (videos and any homework) and coaching is pretty much dependent on person to person. I will say that it is flexible and totally adaptable to your schedule, as you can watch and do the module work whenever you’d like within our time together.