Who is this Guide For?

- Someone who would like guidance in which help in deciding which print would be perfect for their space

- Someone who is looking to purchase artwork within their budget, whether it is large or small

- Someone who would like personalized advice and recommendations from the artist herself


Hello! :) My name is Samantha Kaplan.  I am an abstract landscape painter and I created this guide to show you all the ways you can incorporate art into your home no matter what your budget is and your space limitations are.  There is this misconception that you need to have a huge budget to purchase artwork and that simply isn’t true.  A large budget allows for more options but anyone has the ability to purchase a print of a painting that they connect with if it is something they truly want.  I created this guide to show you all the options you have in decorating your space to accommodate your budget and your space limitations.  If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!! :)