At The Leaders Co-Lab, we are supporting and amplifying this incredible initiative - The Week.  We are bringing this program to our growing network of Conscious Corporate Changemakers & Catalysts who are committed to #ChangeThatMatters in the corporate and business space. 

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Count me in for "The Week at Work"

The Week helps us face the reality of climate and environmental breakdown, and to find in us the commitment and joy to get involved to change the trajectory we are on. It's a new playbook for mass mobilization, informed by the latest insights from social sciences, as well as research into past movements that successfully broke through fear and apathy.

It’s a profound, transformative group experience over 3 days that involves 3 films and then guided group conversations. More here:!AnzItu_Io6xv5Fwafbl4XiWX7Vzb?e=rsyMYJ

The Leaders Co-Lab & co-lab partners will be coming together to make this even more relevant and actionable for conscious corporate changemakers and catalysts (and wannabees!).  We all can do more to be part of the greatest "comeback" story on Earth.  (Literally!). 

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Count me in for "The Week at Work"